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After Breaking Dawn: A Renessmee Story Chapter 2

A/N Ok I tried chapter 2. Since chapter 1 was so short, I put chapter 2 and 3 together . it was supost to end when it gets to Nessie POV. Oh well hopefully it’s long enough. Please review.


Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, twilight and the characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Chapter 2 Shopping

Jacobs POV

I sat on the end of the white couch in the Cullens’ home eating an omlette. I rarely ever left. I couldn’t stand to stay away from Nessie. She would be here soon, I already could smell her sweet sent approaching. She still doesn’t know that I’ve imprinted on her. Bella and Edward wanted to wait till she was full grown, but she is smart. I know she’ll figure it out, hopefully. I looked up at Edward who just rolled his eyes.

‘’ We will tell her soon enough, be patient. You’ve waited five years, you can wait two more,’’ he sounded annoyed. He probally was considering he can read my mind.

I looked out the window just in time to see Alice leap gracefully over the river, followed by Renessmee. I smiled a wide grin and she mimicked my expression, flashing her shiney white teeth. She skipped into the room and gave me a hug.

‘’Morning Jake,’’ her beautiful voice sang.

‘’Morning Nessie,’’ I replied still hugging her tight to my chest. She was so warm, it felt nice. She loosed her grip and walked over to her parents to give them a hug.

‘’So what’s the plan for the day Ness?’’ I asked her hoping she would be spending the majority of the day with me.

‘’Ugh.’’ She groaned sitting down next to me on the couch. ‘’Alice is taking me shopping.’’

I felt my face fall. There was no way shorty was going to let me come. I sighed and looked up at Alice.

‘’Again??’’ I asked annoyed.

‘’Yes, if you haven’t noticed she is growing fast and needs new clothes. Besides, why do you care?? I want to spend quality time with my niece if you don’t mind.’’

She sounded angry. She oviously knew why. How can someone so small be so annoying?

Edward chucked, ‘’that’s what I’d like to know’’

‘’How long are you going to be?’’ I tried to sound casual to hide the irritation in my voice from Nessie.

‘’we’ll be back mid afternoon,’’ Alice said as she walked to the table and picked up her designer purse. “Come on Ness, lets go.’’

Nessie kissed me on the cheek and rose from the couch.

‘’Bye Jake, mom, dad, Aunt Rose, uncle Emm-‘’ Alice cut her off

‘’ Stop stalling,’’ she nearly shrieked. God she gets pretty angry when someone keeps her from shopping. She pulled Renessmee’s arm toward the direction of the garage. Nessie looked back and managed to give me one last smile before Alice pulled my true love out the door.


Alice sped down the highway in her canary yellow porsh. I loved it. I guess I got my love for cars from my dad. We pulled up to the mall in Port Angeles. Alice practically jumped out of the car and quickly went around the car to pull me out of my side. Before I knew it we were in an expensive looking store and Alice was handing piles and piles of clothes, shoving me into a dressing room. After what felt like forever, I spoke up.

‘’Aunt Alice can we please take a break, my feet are killing me and I’m thirsty.’’ In a human way I thought to myself.

‘’Oh fine,’’ She said taking her shiny credit card back from the cashier. ‘’A short one.’’

We walked into the small food court. Ew, the smell of human food was everywhere, though I love soda. Alice took a seat at a small round table that just barely held all her bags.

‘’I’ll be right back,’’ I told her turning away. I spotted Mcdonalds ahead and walked up to the counter. The cashier was wearing a ridiculous looking visor with a name tag that read ‘’Eric.’’ He looked bored.

‘’Welcome to Mcdonalds, how may I help you?’’ he asked in a dull tone.

‘’I’ll have a small coke.’’ I said feeling bad for Eric for having to work at such a place. I didn’t even realize someone was behind me.

‘’Make that two’’ said a male voice. A hand reached out in front of me and put a five dollar bill on the counter. I looked up to see who the voice had come from. The boy was older than me, well older than fifteen, maybe early twenties. He was cute and he had pale blond hair. He must of thought I was his age.

He opened his mouth to speak....

A/N haha.Oh I’m mean. plz comment and review.i won't finish it if no one comments

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love it!
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is eric the one from the movie and is it mike!!! please write more i LOVE THE STORY PLEASE WRITE MORE
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OMG IS THAT MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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