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hot guys with flippy hair!! listen to me you look better with hair!! wemen you can save a guys hair just one compliment will save their hair!!
help the world, save your hair or you will be ugly people sprayed(it means to be sprayed with pepper spray-ugly people spray)

word of the day~intercedes


in·ter·cede [ìntər sd]
(past in·ter·ced·ed, past participle in·ter·ced·ed, present participle in·ter·ced·ing, 3rd person present singular in·ter·cedes)
1. plead for somebody: to plead with somebody in authority on behalf of somebody else, especially somebody who is to be punished for something
2. speak for somebody: to speak in support of somebody involved in a dispute
3. mediate in a dispute: to attempt to settle a dispute between others

[Late 16th century. Via Latin intercedere from cedere “to give way” (see cede).]

-in·ter·ced·er, n

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