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The party went off without any problems. Well nothing happened at the party except the dogs showing up right after I had a vision of the vampire army coming here to Forks. Bella was wondering around trying to find me but I had to tell Jasper and Edward and Carlisle first. Bella is really going to have to get better at acting in front of humans. She can’t let everything seem like its all going to fall apart. But since she did act that way Jacob followed her around until she made me tell her what is going on. Jacob became very aggressive since he wanted to know also, something about the pack had a right to know also. So I told him as little as I could with the house full of humans and Jasper was right there. Jasper and Edward were talking about how things were going to work out when all of a sudden the vision totally disappeared.

Jacob had made up his mind. The pack is going to join us fight. Its going to make everything wonderful. This is going to go without a hitch. Bella is not happy at all that the pack is going to join in on the fight. But she needs to calm down and breath and realize that everything is okay. The Cullens and the pack are going to meet up around three in the morning to practice our strategies and let the wolves in on how new born vampires attack. Jasper is an expert on this. He use to bring up new born vampires until they were a little over a year old and then "take care" of them. That’s how it was with his old family. But now he just uses his past skills as information that we need now. Which I am very happy for.

I believe Bella is very paranoid that something is going to happen to Esme or I. She need not worry. I have handled so much. Esme is very good at the things she does when she focuses. I wish Bella would calm down. It gets really old having to constantly remind her we are vampires and nothing bad is going to happen. I am going to go get ready to leave for our "meeting" with the werewolves. Will update more later promise.

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Comment by Gina Rose on May 13, 2010 at 6:02pm

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