The Twilight Saga

March 5th, 2007

Oh goodness. I was just minding my own business today looking through car magazines for the next one I want when all of a sudden I got a completely clear vision of Bella explaining to Charlie what we are. The vision isn’t going away either. She has her mind set. I went and talked to her about it and I very much believe her when she says she can’t keep lying to Charlie anymore. I suggested it might be best if she waits till he is completely recovered from everything before she tell him. His heart isn’t one hundred percent, it never will be again but still. She needs to wait.

I know she is horrible at lying but she is going to have to be very careful about this. If the Volturi found out we are all going to be in very big trouble. They would pick any reason to start a fight with us. I told Bella she needs to at least tell Edward, Carlisle, and Esme about what she’s going to do. She promised she would. She might be a terrible liar but when she makes a promise she really keeps it.

Oh…umm…I have to go. It looks like very soon we are going to have a new family member. I’m so excited. His name is Baylor. He should be coming in the next couple days. Wonderful.

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