The Twilight Saga

March 20th, 2007

Baylor is very interesting. Like Bella, Edward can’t hear his thoughts. I see very good things for him.

Everyone has gotten to know Baylor very well. When he met Carlisle he explained his story. I was there of course. I knew he was coming. Baylor told us that his mother not long ago changed him. His mother was changed by a vampire that was in love with her. Once she figured out what he had done she ran when she could and had her parents take care of Baylor. She would visit Baylor each time and talk to him till he fell asleep. The Volturi had found out that she had told a human what she was so it was either he died or became a vampire also. So she of course changed him. Soon after the vampire that was in love with her killed her since she wouldn’t be with him. Baylor killed that vampire and soon came to find us. He had heard many stories of our life style and was wanting to become a part of it.

Jasper and I both get along perfectly with Baylor. He’s amazing. He even tolerates the werewolves. Which is very good. He doesn’t really have a choice though either. The other day he went hunting with Rosalie and Emmett. He loves grizzly bears as much as Emmett does. I see a very not so healthy competition coming from those two over the bears.

I do believe I’m going to end this. I saw a vision earlier of Baylor finding love. So it looks like he won’t be the odd one out anymore. I’m just worried. I can’t tell yet if the person is like us or a human. That would be weird. Two vampires fall in love with human girls from Forks. What a strange town this is. I’m going to go take a walk with Bella and tell her what I saw.

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