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March 29th, 2007

Oh Bella. She really is strange. She told Charlie about what we are. Charlie took it better then I would have expected, especially since he wanted only to be told stuff that was a need to know basis. She hasn’t explained to him yet about Nessie. He couldn’t take much more.

Edward went with her over to Charlie’s. He has been doing very good since he’s been home from the hospital. Carlisle and Esme knew what Bella was going to go do. They completely understand what she did. They think she is very brave for doing it.

Bella and Edward told Charlie what we were. He had them tell him over and over again cause he couldn’t completely get a grasp of everything they were saying. Bella soon asked Charlie to join her in the back yard since the sun was shining today. Charlie went with her and Edward. Once Bella stepped in the sun Charlie was totally amazed. He just didn’t handle it well. He ended up fainting. Edward called Carlisle over there and Carlisle soon went over there. They got Charlie back awake and got him to drink some stuff to help him feel better.

Bella and Edward will be coming home soon. I won’t have long to explain to her Rosalie and everyone else knows what she did. Jasper, Emmett, Baylor, and Rosalie are not happy one bit. Esme had called Carlisle to check on Charlie and she was on the phone upstairs, she didn’t realize Rosalie would be able to hear her when she asked Carlisle how he took it when Bella told him about us. Rosalie is very upset. She is going to confront Bella as soon as she gets in the door. Edward left his phone at Charlie’s so I can’t even call him to tell him what to expect when he gets home. I’m going to have to help Bella and Edward on this I already know it.

I’m going to go now. Bella and Edward are pulling up on the drive. Will write soon to let everyone know what happened with Rosalie and the rest of them.

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Comment by Bella Cullen on June 3, 2010 at 3:06pm
I liked it.

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