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April 6th, 2007

Well that argument didn’t go to well. Jasper is upset with me. As soon as Bella and Edward walked in the house Rosalie was right in Bella’s face yelling at her, Jasper and Emmett were standing right there with her. Baylor was a little bit further back but he was still on Rosalie’s side. I instantly went to tell Bella that they knew, and stood in front of her with Edward. Rosalie took it way too far. She doesn’t have sympathy for anyone but herself and it gets really annoying sometimes.

Soon the argument just turned into a bunch of growls. I can not believe how Jasper was acting towards Bella, but mostly I was totally and utterly shocked at how he was acting towards me. I have never seen him act that way, let alone towards me. He was acting like I had a hand in all of this. Just because I know stuff doesn’t mean I’m a part of it all. I wish he would understand that. Nessie walked into the room and everyone could tell she was scared so we all went our own ways. Baylor took off upstairs. I knew he was pretty upset.

As fast as everything had ended a brand new whirlwind of drama was starting. Baylor took off out the door with his duffel bag. All I saw was him hunting a human and running in an area that looks like Volterra. I ran back into the room with Bella and Edward to tell them what I saw. Edward already knew what was going on. Edward took off to go after Baylor. Bella of course went with him, and I soon followed after. I couldn’t believe what was going on. Then I got a phone call from Edward telling me he knows now that Baylor was sent from the Volturi to be a witness for when we would mess up again to the point that the Volturi would have to step in. Baylor was their little spy.

We soon were at the airport on a plane towards Italy. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been to Italy to deal with the Volturi just since meeting Bella. I don’t even think I’ve been there as many times to just have fun shopping. Over the length of the drive and loading up the plane I figured something out about Baylor. I can’t see where Baylor is, but I can see what he is doing, like for instance if he were in Paris I wouldn’t be able to see that, but I could see him hunting, running, loading a plane. I think he can block more then just Edward. I think he can block all of us. I believe he can really use his blocking well because before I could see tons of stuff for him and now it’s like this. I don’t understand. We soon landed in Italy, luckily I grabbed all of our passports and identifications before I left the house.

As soon as we landed we had to find a bunch of stuff to hide ourselves with. We did not want to drag any attention to ourselves. I swear we should have just stayed on the plane. We were in the car rental line and I got a vision of Baylor. He was talking to Caius and Aro. He had already made it to the Volturi and was telling them everything about Bella telling Charlie about what we are and everything. I can’t believe Baylor tricked us. Bella and Edward went to go get the next plane set up so would could hurry and get back to help protect Charlie. I called Carlisle to let him know he needed to go get Charlie and protect him, keep him safe. I didn’t want to tell them much till we got there so I promised we would be home very soon and would help keep Charlie safe.

We made it back amazingly fast. I’m really actually getting sick of being on a plane. It’s really old right now. I’m so tempted next time I have to travel to just run the whole entire way. Maybe I can make it a game. When I finally saw who were coming it seemed completely odd to me. Only Aro, Demetri, Caius, and Marcus are coming. They aren’t bringing any of the guard. They will be here in four days. Luckily Carlisle took of with Charlie. None of us know where he took him. Which is good because we don’t want Aro to find out either. Edward couldn’t even figure it out. Before he left with Charlie, Carlisle just kept naming a million different things in his head using the alphabet game. Say a word that starts with the letter a, then b, then c and so on. Edward knows why he did it and is completely glad he kept it a secret.

We haven’t heard from them and we need to keep it that way. I don’t think things are going to go completely well. Jasper is still hissing at me and being completely rude but he is at least talking to me, just not in the manner I want him to. I’m going to go now. I need to see if I can convince Emmett to come help us. The wolves are already in of course. I’m glad we have them as friends.

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