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I swear no one know's the real real world anymore. I'm so confused by it myself. Bella went through this whole thing with edward of getting together in Twilight. Then there was the break up in New Moon. That and Eclipse worry me the most. Because I have a friend, T. Whom I love her very deeply. She is a bit older than me by a few months. We are both in high school and both sophmores. Her boyfriend is a senior.
Now this wouldn't be a real big problem if they weren't so "in love" i guess. But unfortunately they seem to be joined at the hip most of the time. Before him she was talking to everyone, laughing all the time, and fun. It's not that she's changed and it's not her boyfriends fault. I kinda actually like the guy. His friends are pretty cool too. But well... it's disturbing how much she depends on him. There's nothing wrong with love. But...
Before him she hadn't dated a guy more than three months. Now today while I was with my boyfriend another friend mentioned that we would turn out like them. I would rather not. I noticed she first started getting sort of dependent on him when if he walked up behind me while I was talking to her she would shove me aside and jump on him. Does this sound like obsession to you? I does to me. It scares me. I love her and I want my friend back. I don't want to see her getting depressed over a guy when they break up.
If they break up. Every one of our friends and even people who don't even know them that well are convinced that their going to get married. I did mention that we're in high school right?
She wants to be an eye doctor, okay. So thats fine. But that requires at least 6-8 maybe even 10 years of schooling. She's decided that she's going to go to a tech school and then be a housewife. If thats not bad think of this also. Our other friend, M, had a birthday party and invited T. T asked if her boyfriend could come. of course M said no. But it's just that M asked her to the party... She hasn't hung out with us at all really since school started. We rarely see her without her boyfriend and even when she isn't she's depressed and lost. She looks lost without him by her side. What do I do? i mean this could all work out and it's not like I'm not hoping for that... but I'm worried that the worst will come and they'll break up. After all she's 15 and his 17. It worries me that I see the end coming and I know it will ruin her but I have no way to stop it.

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