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Now that I've watched it, I have to write something about it...though I know no one will probably be interested in reading this.


So this morning I watched the film in the first screening schedule available...we all know how long that ticket line can get. The movie opened with a kind of yellowish moon, slowly unraveling to reveal a new moon banner. Cool, don't you think?

I think for the next few lines Bella was muttering something unintelligible, but if I heard some right it must be somehow concerned with the intro of the book, which says:

These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume

I think I kind of appreciate that they somehow capture these scraps from the book, and the consistency of maintaining the prefaces intact in the film. The part where Bella dreams of her grandma was quite infused with the essence of the preface too, and I liked how Edward kissed that grandma which turned out to be Bella. (I was thinking 'pedo' all the while)

I also liked Edward and Bella's first conversation, which included an argument about Bella's birthday. Edward said that for an eighteen year old, Bella worries too much about aging. Bella snaps back by saying she's a year older than him. Edward whispers he's 109 years old. And the best part: Bella retaliates by saying that then, maybe she shouldn't be seeing him since it's gross. (Pedo alert, again) A little laugh in the audience there, though there is not much audience that early in the day.

I find it rather comical that the film the class was viewing turned out to be a Romeo and Juliet. Everyone was moved into tears, except Bella and Edward themselves (I especially adore Eric as he was obviously the most stricken out of everyone). I pitied the teacher a little bit when he caught Edward not paying attention and asked him to repeat the last few lines. He wanted to embarrass him, but the plan backfired because A. Edward has the book and film memorized and B. Well, in case he forgot (which was impossible), he could conveniently pick the answer out of his brain.

The painting of the Volturi in the Cullen's house featured Carlisle, and I felt kind of awkward because the heads of the Volturi leaders and Carlisle himself seemed to be too big for their bodies. It was really weird if you observed it carefully.

I found Bella's little scene with Carlisle after her birthday bash quite affectionate, how Bella told him it's impossible that he's damned. I think this film changed my views not of vampires, but real people. I mean, being a vampire was the Cullen's unavoidable nature but it really didn't matter. It was how they handled it that did.

Of course, Edward took Bella "for a walk" and then dumped her. I am not much disappointed by the lack of sadness or numbness in that scene just because I didn't really expect much since I watched the Twilight movie. But it was enough. Edward was evidently in pain with all the forehead-wrinkling. And Bella, well, I wished there was more.

The passing of months was shown by Bella twirling over and over, her arms around her legs and her eyes with narrow, dark eye bags. She did look stricken enough.

Bella's hallucinations started when she went to the movie with Jessica. I wasn't really annoyed by her blabbering, she was quite amusing. She was clearly irritated by Bella's behavior, and yeah, why would anyone in their right mind join a stranger and ride at his motorbike behind him? That guy was such a maniacal, gross loser. Can't believe Edward wasn't most frightened at that one, I'd take cliff-diving over that any day.

When Bella came to ask Jacob to fix the bikes, he quickly swept her up into a big, winding hug. And she doesn't think that's crazy. I mean, if a guy like that hugged me and then put me down, I'd just grab on for some more.

At the movies with Mike, Jacob clearly takes the lead. I'd give a high five to the scriptwriter for including a little scene with Mike and Jake as Bella bought tickets. Mike is obviously taunting Jake, trying to tug on the fact that he's younger. But if you'd ask me, Jacob actually looked older, and ten times hotter (so back off, Newton).

I had to laugh inwardly as Mike grew pale and sick inside the theater. He looked sooo wimpy. I think it's too harsh to judge a guy by the strength of his stomach, but I really find his nausea comical.

Jacob started to profess his undying devotion, Bella tried to downplay the situation. But I wasn't very much convinced of her acting there. She's supposed to send the message that she'll never change and she'll never fall in love with Jake, but unwillingly. Because she's afraid to lose him. I don't think she was scared-looking enough. Jacob said he has plenty of time, and I felt that my heartstrings were tugged a little when he promised that he'd never do to Bella what Edward did. That he would never hurt her. If only real guys said AND meant that.

Then there was the scene where she shoves Sam. Paul got angry at her. Sam tried to control the both of them. Bella announces that Jacob was scared, and they all burst out laughing. This is the last straw for Bella, who proceeded to punch Paul. I was cheering her on in my head then. Like, c'mon, Paul's such a jerk! If it was me, I'd be upset. Bella cared a lot about Jake and of course she's ignorant about the wolf thing so why laugh at her? Bastards. Feh.

And the muffins were HUGE! They were like, three time the size of that of French Baker's, with a lot of yummy blueberries. No wonder the pack loves Emily.

I liked Jake and Bella's little stint in the car, her head on her shoulder was really sweet. When Jake found out there was a vampire in the house, he tried to drive away with Bella, saying he can't protect her there. But Bella refuses. As Jake climbs back in the car, he tugs his hair in frustration and hits the truck. I find Jake's reaction quite adorable. Plus, he came back for her, though it was against the treaty. He just didn't care anymore, he just had to know that she's safe.

And did anybody notice that in the scene where Edward crushed his phone after he called Swan residence that the Christ the Redeemer statue was in the background? Great choice of venue where you can be depressed, Edward!

I think it's also great that there's more action in Volterra in the film than in the book.

I'm quite disappointed at Rotten Tomatoes for giving Twilight a 49% and New Moon a 30%. C'mon, critics! Isn't it quite obvious that the acting in New Moon is way better? Though still not spectacular, there's a lot of improvement there. Plus, there's a lot more action and the transitioning was better. How can you call it a drag? The film lasts for two hours and two minutes, people! For a five hundred plus paged book, that's as short as it could get.

If you guys are interested, please give me some feedback on how you thought New Moon did. Thanks!

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