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This is very important...I know u all have to at least see the km long comments of me and my best friend alex but that doesnt mean u should put ur nose when its not any of your bussines. Im trying not to sound 2 harsh but i have to. I mean things are between us and sudenly everybody is attacking me and i have no idea why. If u r gonna come to the profile,please just post a comment and I will reply. Dont ask me stuff about Alex and Long msgs ,and Is everything ok and stuff, I am really starting to get mad and i Hate it, I also hated a comment on alex's profile,that somebody would like to talk to her and if she needed somebody to talk to shes always there for her and if she needed somebody adult to talk to... I hate that comment means I rly dont deserve talking to Alex..I would like ppl to stay out of our bussines,u r over reacting. I know the cooments r posted on the public site,u can read them but DO NOT MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT THEM. Our profiles are our profiles. I repeat,i will always reply to everybody,but skip your thoughts on the comments u are not necesery welcome to talk about.
With all the respect

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