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All Renesmee Birthday (That her uncle emmy ruined with his jokes)

WITH RENESMEE SECOND BDAY This is my first story please comment and tell me if i should post more.

Today is a big day I had to get everyone's clothes out because i wanted them dress for the right ocasion of nessie's birthday party I had to go get her up and ready now. I already know i'ma have an hard time waking her up i had an vision to say so which in the case of getting her up was funny intill the end.I had warn bella and edward bout letting her stay out and spend time with emment when we have an speacial day with her the next day because she doen't like to get up.
I went up stairs to get her up now.

I was sleeping good dreaming of my jakie giving me a wolf ride.When I heard nessie sweetie wake up it wasn't no one but aunt alice.I didn't want to then she was serious so I was to sleepy to really think bout what I said so I was I don't care go away.Aunt Alice was like okay.Then the whole family was in my room singing Happy Birthday then I interrupt them and said exactlly then I should be able to sleep in on my birthday.
They just kept going so I said ok, ok, ok, im up.
Then aunt alice looked at dad and he shook his head then everyone was gone I locked my door and sat on the bed trying wake up next thing I knew was I was dreaming bout jake and the wolf ride.

The next thing I know was uncle emment was laughing really loud and my bed was shaking well so i thought.I open my eyes to find myself in the air and not my bed I thought I had locked my room door how did he get in then my dad said you know emment always find a way in your room no matter what.Then all of a sudden i was being tickeled I was like stop he said no are you awake now "yes"!
I had said then he said ok. I was like can you put me down now he was like yeah but was moving so slow it didn't even look like he was moving .I got mad then and said put me down fast now he said ok and dropped me.I wasn't hurt or anything I just felt embarass because my uncle em was laughing at me because it looked like i wet myself when he dropped me he knocked my cup of water over. I started to cry and then he stopped laughn and said im sorry please don't cry its suppose to be a good day for you ness.Then mama and daddy came up stairs and said what happen emment told them what happen and then mama said emment you big flatus what is your problem then my dad busted ot laughn .Whats so funny i asked?Your mom just call your uncle a flatus and ok i don't understand still ok its a gas that comes ou-NO! don't you tell her that she will be laughn at me for weeks mabey months in that case the way he acting I will use it for years mabey.My dad laughed my lil comment and then emment said you know what go ahead and tell her but she better remember today is a speacial day she wouldn't want to be embarass.Okay emment thats enough ok nessie lets go get you ready ok?Ok mama.

CH.2 Nessie Cheering up and a talk with momBPOV
I could tell renesmee didn't like the fact her uncle emment just blackmailed her.I should try and make renesmee happy before she goes down stairs or we are gona have an mad lil pixie.Thanks mom for helping me your welcome and you don't have to thank me im your moma ok.Yes ma,am you know your uncle emm don't have a brain and that he doesn't know how to act . Are you ready for school next year yes kinda I can't wait to see what its gonna be like to make new friends humans girld my age well physically I know sweetie you know when that water made it look like you wet your self.Yes ma,am well I had gotton it way worse what really?Did uncle emment do it to you no it was your aunt alice.*FLASH BACK*It was a day me and your dad wanted to spend some time together before you was born we were in our own little world intill she pulled us out of it she was begging me to go shopping with her I told her I didn't feel like it then she got mad at me and then said fine I will make you go.I was like whatever then next thing I know alice poured a full container or ice cold water on me and then said oops looks like you need some more clothes oh by the way all your clothes is on fire WH--WH-ED-WHAT ALICE!*END OF FLASHBACK*Renesmee stood there wide mouthed looking like no she didn't then she appeared at the door way and said actully I did that was the best funniest day ever even if bella kept fussing at me it was so fun!We got renesmee dresses and then alice did her hair and she left.Mama can I ask you something yes sweetie any thing did you and jacob used to like each other?I froze right there in my spot mama, mama is you ok yeah sweetie were did you get that idea from well i found this when I was looking for one of my bracelets.

Well yes at one point a time we were close but I could never like him like he liked me I only wanted to be friends with him and now besides he love you you is his imprint. My "IMPRINT" what that means that mean you will always be with him in his heart and that he will only love you with a strong bond of love, oohhhhhhhh ok.Mama do you want to know a secrect sure honey what is it you can't tell anyone ok?Ok honey I hope one day jacob would want to marry me but right now I'm just glad he is my bestfriend.She whispered to me. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say if I could cry I belive I would have tears in my eyes.Okay sweetie I said with my voice cracking whats wrong mommy nothing come lets go down stairs.

CH.3 NPOV nessie surprise party
After I gto through eating my dad said come on lets for a ride so we left we went to the mall to get our family picture's that we took last tuesday.Then we was on our way home well im not quite sure the road looked all the same but the house the yard is all woah diffrent before I could as whats going on my dad started talkn to mom bout the pics and then ask if I would like to give jake one ofcourse I said yes but then that got me thinking I didn't see jake today he didn't give me the brotherly hug today like my last birthday,
Just before we walk in the house dad awsered my question you will see him in a little bit okay I said.
when we walked inside the house boy was I surprise my whole family and friends jump out and surprise me the only person who really got me was uncle emment.HAHAHA SO FUNNY YALL TO--
"CLAIRE"! I'm so happy to see you! Me too i've missed you so much I can't belive its been a month!Me either.So how are you doing im good and you im great we have alotta catchn up to do.

Im bout to ruine my lil Nicecy lil happy day with her bestfriend now just so I can make her mad its so much fun doing that to her I mean really I get enough outta her to leave edwards and bella lil privy life alone I would think they would be happy but they keep yelling at me every time I make nessy mad! UGH that anoying stupid brother's of mind need to always try and focus on his lil bella of his!So then I ran over to nessie and said are you ready for the presents to be open?Then I said no im'a wait for jake to get here and I wanna talk to claire well to late he's here were he's walkn through the door.Then she ran at human speed to her jakie boy and said hey! He told her Happy Birthday nessy pooh.HAHAHAHA!NESSY POOH I said in my head that I was going to use that against her later on then her dad came and said no your not come on eddie boy have some funny he growled low at me then bella came and sooth him.So I yelled everyone..............!....

*WRITER'S NOTE* Thats all for right now I will post more tomorw and I hoped you all like it let me know soon! have an nice night everyone. P.S. SO SORRY ITS SHORT BUT I WILL WRITE ALONG ONE 2MORROW IM SLEEPY i gotta rest.........catchnzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Comment by Shaymeon Cullen-Belikova on November 23, 2009 at 9:26pm
nice... how can i read more?/??

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