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Before Twilight became my unhealthiest obsession - before I had even heard of Twilight - I was obsessed with Underworld and Blade. I watched the films over and over again, I knew every word they were going to say but it never bored me.

Then came Twilight. (I'm saying these in the order that they came to my attention.) It is my unhealthiest obsession. Reading the books over and over and over again. Even though I tell myself I'm just being weird I can't stop reading them. I've read them to my six year old brother just for another excuse to read them again.

Then I heard about The Vampire Diaries. I've ordered all the books but am yet to read them. But I have watched the first season. I'm not quite sure which came first Twilight or The Vampire Diaires but there are similiarities in them. Like for example; Bella talks about her book Wurthering Heights with Edward. In The Vampire Diaries, Elana is given a copy of the book by Stefan. It might only be a small similiarity but it gets you noticing the similarites that are not that obvious like the relationship between human and vampire in both of the mentioned. They're exactly the same just flipped.

But then theres True Blood. I've watched both seasons so far and I've ordered the whole Book set. I really can't wait for season three this summer and it's all because it is completely different from the whole Twilight and Vampire Diaries theme that seems to be reoccuring. It is completely original and exciting and even humourous.
I absolutley love it and reccommend it to anyone. It even has an English Actor, Stephen Mayor playing an American vampire from Louisiana. You'd expect the accents to be awful but they're really good. Also, Rogue from X-Men (Anna Paquin) plays the not-so-human but human love interest of two vampires.

It's really quite amazing.

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