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Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about the newest vampire movie for this year? TWILIGHT’s 2nd movie hit the silver screens like a bomb resulting to standing rooms and long lines for the tickets. But who wouldn’t want to see the lead role Edward Cullen on a dashing black tuxedo again, asking for his love interest Bella Swan to dance again? But unlike Twilight, New Moon isn’t all about soggy things like the first movie. New Moon (from the book Stephenie Meyer created after Twilight) is all about losing love and finding something – a new beacon of hope – to move on.

In this movie, Edward left Bella after the episode of her birthday when his brother, Jasper, almost killed the love of his life. Edward decided to depart much for Bella’s sake, along with his family. Pretending that he doesn’t love her anymore, he convinced Bella that they needed to go for the secrecy of their race. Bella, on the other hand, ended up all depressed and alone in Forks, Washington. She lost everything, friends, the will to live, but still waited patiently for her vampires to come back. But then, when she met Jacob Black again and everything went a bit lighter. This is the part where the movie introduced the werewolves of La Push, the Indian reservation in Forks.

The latest additions to the story, the werewolves played immense part when the vampires were absent. Jacob and his pack took care of Forks when the nomad vampires (Victoria and Laurent) from the first vampires terrorized Forks. They also protected Bella as the nomad’s main target, thus placed peace upon the whole town. Jacob also fell in love with Bella, and in order to survive and move on, Bella entertained Jacob’s feelings but never attached any strings. Until Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister, appeared when Bella jumped off a cliff one day, fearing she committed suicide. That’s when Edward (who was still in love with Bella) thought she had died and wanted to die as well and went to Italy to provoke the largest vampire clan, Volturi, to kill him.

The climax of the movie is when Bella left Jacob and the bunch that protected her for months to save the man she loved despite hurting her. Alongside Alice, they headed to Italy and that’s when things turned to twists. The movie’s two thumbs up when it comes to stunts and more vivid colors than the first one. Fans would definitely love this part, not only because of the werewolves, but how Bella and Edward’s love will prevail at the end of the film. And so, at the end of this article, I’ll leave you the movie’s line: When you can live forever, what do you live for?

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