The Twilight Saga

Chapter 7: What???

I was in that same meadow again. The sun is shinning, illuminating the flowers like sparkling gems on an ocean of emerald green. I stood alone in the silence absorbing the perfection of the picture before me. I can hear the leaves rustling and the twigs on the forest floor cracking to the east just like before. A figure starts moving towards me from the shadows of the trees. It must be the bronze haired boy from before. As he got closer I started to make out more of his features… He has a square chiseled jaw line, tight shoulders, muscular arms and chest. Definitely an athlete. As I look him over I noticed he is moving closer again. Suddenly he steps into the sunlight and I was blinded by the most dazzling light, I shielded my eyes with my hands until they got adjusted. As I slowly became accustomed to the brightness I noticed that the boy is the cause of the light. The sun reflected off his skin like glittering stars in the midnight sky. I started to bring my eyes back up to meet his and as I saw his face a part of me registered that the boy in my dream was none other then Edward Cullen!
“Edward” I called to him. He looked startled that I recognized him, as if he didn’t expect me to be there. Suddenly he turned and started to walk away.
“Wait Edward don’t go” I said as he continued to leave.
“Edward Wait!” I was yelling now.

****End Dream****

Suddenly I was back in my room. Great just my luck. I don’t only have to deal with the jerk at school, now he is invading my dreams too! I look over at the clock, it’s only 2 am. I still have time. I lay back down and close my eyes and once again I allow sleep to take me.


I was even more addicted to this simple girl then before. First baffled that I can’t hear her thoughts, then I’m over powered by the delicious fragrance, and completely dazed by her anger fueled out burst at my lack of control. Who is this girl, and was she sent here to torment me. What have I done to deserve this. What crime did I commit to have this kind of punishment inflicted on me.

As I watched her drive away from the school I was wondering what she might be thinking. She still looked rather pissed. I don’t understand her. I will have to speak with Alice or Rose…okay maybe not Rose, on if this is normal girl behavior.
This is what I know or suspect about her so far. She seems to keep to herself, so she is shy. The only person she talks to is her brother. I think that is just cause she doesn’t know anyone yet. She seemed to have no problem voicing her issues. Headstrong. She seems very intelligent. From what I have heard from other peoples’ thoughts she has mostly A.P. classes. She has beautiful brown eyes, the most perfect smile, she looks so adorable when she is angry, her cheeks flush red (the most lovely shade of red), she almost reminds me of an angry kitten with it’s hair standing on end and claws thrown out, hissing and spitting…(chuckles to self). Her lavish locks of auburn hair flows down past her waist, and when the wind blows through it the smell of ripened strawberries fill the air.

Oh my what in gods name am I doing. She Is the devil in disguise, here to ruin me. I can’t let this girl get to me. Why did she have to come here. Maybe I can change my course. I won’t have to sit by her. Be tortured by her smell. Enveloped by he heat. Swallowed by the depth of her deep chocolate eyes…wait what am I doing. I’m thinking of her again.

“Alice” I yelled.
“Yes Edward you wish to speak with me?” she replied already in the doorway to my bedroom.
“What do see of my future?” I questioned her.
We sat in silence as her eyes glossed over and she searched the future for me. I listened closely to everything she was seeing.
Suddenly I was standing in a meadow across from the Swan girl. She was staring at me with a smile on her face as she saw the sun reflecting off my skin. She called to me. “Edward”. I turned and started to leave. She started after me calling my name “ Wait Edward don’t go” she cried. I just kept walking “ Edward wait” she called to me. I never even turned around. I disappeared into the forest leaving her alone. “Edward” she yelled one last time.
***End Vision***

“Alice what does that mean?” I asked confused and stunned all at the same time.
“ I’m not sure” she replied.
“But Alice if she sees me like that in the sun she will know that we are different. It will blow our cover and we will have to move again.” I started to pace the room.
“Not necessarily. Did you see the way she was smiling at you?” Alice smiled at me.
“So what does that mean?” I was starting to get angry.
“I think it means that you should see this thing out. Get to know her. Maybe she is the one you’ve been waiting for!” she gleamed at me.
“ I haven’t been waiting for anyone Alice, and I am most definitely not going to get to know her. The last time I was close to her the only thing I could think of was how great she would taste.” I was yelling now.
“Edward” Esme called from hallway.
“Yeah mom” I replied.
“What’s the matter. I haven’t heard you yell at Alice like that since she tried to convince you to get a pet lion.”
“ It’s very similar in situation mom” I said as I sneered at Alice who was laughing to herself.
“Why don’t the two of you come down and explain what it is the problem is and we can figure this out as a family”. mom was always the perfect mediator between me and Alice. So we headed down stairs toward the dinning room where the family has meetings.(not like we actually eat in the house)

“Carlisle” Esme called to our father.
“Yes my dear” he said as he was suddenly behind her.
“ Our children seem to be having a disagreement about something important. I can’t be sure exactly but it almost seems as if Alice is trying for a pet again.” she chuckled.
“Not Again Alice” Rosalie said entering the room while blowing on her freshly painted finger nails.
“It’s nothing like that” Alice said defensively.
“ Well Alice, Edward why don’t you explain what is going on so we can all have a say on this” Carlisle said. He always kept a level head. Even when we didn’t deserve it.
“Ok fine I’ll go first” Alice said.
“ Oh no you don’t Alice, I will start since the problem is technically mine” I said.
“Go ahead Edward” Esme replied to me with a smile.
“Ok so here it goes. There are some new kids in school. You know Sheriff Swans kids.”
“Yes I have met the Sheriff a few times at the hospital” Carlisle cut in.
“Well I have Bio with the Swan girl”
“ I don’t see how that is a problem” Rosalie sighed.
“ Well it normally wouldn’t be, but for some reason I can’t help myself. It’s almost like she calls to me. Sitting next to her in class I couldn’t help but think of the millions of ways I could kill her. Her smell is so sweet.” I gazed off into space dreaming of her again.
“Son what you are describing can only mean one thing” Carlisle interrupted my thoughts.
“ What Carlisle what does it mean?” I was becoming impatient.
“She is your singer Edward” he replied.
“My singer. What does that mean?” I felt confused.
“ It means that nowhere in the world are you ever gonna find someone’s’ blood that is more appealing to you then hers.” he told me.
“ Well that helps explain the urge to eat her” I said. Alice and Jasper broke out into fits of laughter. Rosalie rolled her eyes. Esme looked sympathetic. And Carlisle just stared.
“ It however doesn’t explain why I cannot hear her thoughts”
“ What do you mean Edward…you can’t hear the girls thoughts?” Carlisle looked puzzled.
“ No she is mute. I can hear her voice clear as a bell but her thoughts are blank.” I said.
“That is puzzling” Carlisle continued “but I’m not sure if that constitutes an argument between you and Alice”.
“That is not what we were arguing about” I stated. “ Alice I think it’s your turn to take the stage”.
“ Okay so Edward was worried about being near the girl so he had me look forward to his future to see if anything would come of it.” Alice began. Then she went on to tell them about the vision and what she thought it meant and I said in return. The whole family looked stumped. Then comprehension seemed to filter across jaspers face.
“We have to kill her” he said.
“Wait what?” I asked.
“We can’t let her find out about us.” Jasper replied.
“I won’t move again” Rosalie sounded pissed.
“We just got settled and I don’t wanna start all over again somewhere else”.
“ I Agree Rose. We should not have to move all over again.” I said.
“But we have to deal with Edward” Jasper growled.
“I will deal with this. It is my problem not any of yours. If I stay away from her Alice’s vision will never occur and no one will have to worry about anything, isn’t that right Carlisle” I asked.
“ Edward is absolutely correct. There is no need to kill an innocent child because of an event that has yet to come to pass. I think we should just let this play out, and see where it leads.” that was the of the conversation.

A few hours later…….

“Edward” I heard Carlisle call from his study.
“Yes Father” I replied.
“There is something else to this girl isn’t there?” he asked.
If I could have blushed I would have he knows me so well.
“Might be” I said
“You know you can tell me anything son” He was coaxing me.
“alright have a seat and tell me what is really going on.”
“Well it’s like this” I said. “It is not just about me wanting her blood.”
He smiled like he knew what was already coming.
“ I have feelings for this girl. Strong feelings. I don’t understand it. I think it might just be a infatuation with the fact that I can’t read her mind and I want to unravel the mysteries of how her mind works”. I said defensively.
“No Edward I think it’s more then that” Carlisle said.
“I think you may be experiencing you very first teenage crush”. he chuckled.
“This is serious Carlisle” I spouted “There is nothing funny about this”.
“what if I can’t control myself and I do something I can’t take back?” I yelled. Carlisle stood and placed his hand on my shoulder.
“ Son I don’t think you could” he stated matter of fact.
“ You place too much confidence in me Carlisle” I rebuffed.
“Just think about what I have said and then decide what you wish to do from here. I will support you in what ever decision you make”.
“Thank you. And I will think about all that you said. But now I think I will retire to my room” I said.
“Good night son” he said as left for my room.

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