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Gee, can you guess? How about all things TWILIGHT!!

They are totally dominating the MTV movie awards right now and so far so good (minus Kristen's slip up when she dropped her award) but the 'almost' kiss was awesome (even if it was just almost), the new trailer is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME (pleeeease someone told me that they nearly passed out when they saw Taylor's ripped bod right before he turning into a raging wolf like I did!!) I texed Lia and Syd right away bc it was too much for my poor little lungs to handle. My dad came upstairs bc he thought I was being attacked...then he realized what night it was, hehe.

Madison just finished reading New Moon and I'm happy to report we have a new member of the Jacob team. I still support team Swizerland myself but I'm happy when any of my friends make an opinion on the books. Considering she's about as un-teenybopper as you can get, I wasn't even sure she'd like them but so far so good. I told her to keep an eye out for my favorite line in the whole series towards the end of Eclipse. Can anyone guess what it is? I'll give you a involves the words space heater and Saint Bernard. I've just given it away haven't I? Well I only have one question left for the night...IS IT NOVEMBER YET?????


P.S.- The show isn't quite over yet but I'm pretty much gonna bet my first born child that Twilight wins best movie. Anyone care to take me up on that??? Rob or Taylor perhaps?? LOL

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