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-The Final Chapter-

Alexandria's Version


Good day reader of this book! If you don’t remember me I shall tell you my name. It's Alexandria Annette Angeal.Me and my family has been split apart ever since I left Gabriel to be with Lucifer his brother. It’s been really tough been away from my family but this gave me a chance to start a new family one that’s not so messed up. The reason I say messed up is because ...oh it's been so long...well here I go. Gabriel My Beloved way back when I was just a vampire died trying to save me and my Sister at Dracula’s castle. By the way Dracula (Vladiuos) is my father. Anyway I save him by turning him into a vampire but it meant me dyeing in the process, but I was willing to do anything to save him. I know he would have done the same for me. But he did save my bye preserving my soul in his sword until he cold find another women to hold my sprit. Years later he was with my mother and had her have another daughter by the name Alexandria. He put my soul back into place and killed his daughter and with doing this it put a dredged curse on the entire family. So I Finally got tried of it and left. Yes I went to his brother but he is the prince of darkness one of Sephyroth's sons. I left in kind of an abrupt manner but I knew it was the best thing for me to do and with that dear reader I begin this wonderful story.


Chapter 1-Luicfer's New Wife


"Alexandria my Love Come here" "Yes Lucifer what is it?" Lucifer holding something behind his back hands me a sword. I gasp at it and say "Oh Lucifer what is this for?" Lucifer smiles and kisses me. “Baby it’s a sword that one consumed bye darkness can carry. My queen can’t go running around with a sword of light now can she? Its would mean your on my brother's side. Gabriel." I flinch at his name. "Please baby don’t say his name in my presents." Lucifer frowns and hugs me. "Sorry baby." I smile at him. "It’s alright babe. just dont do it again." "ok gotcha." Narves walks in. "mommy?" I turn to him. "yes honey." Narves smiles wide at me. "its time for my Training." I smiles at him. "oh thats right I almost forgot. O'NEAL!" O’Neal comes in the room. "yes my queen." "O’Neal I am not queen yet... and I really wish you would call me Alex please. It's almost time for Narves's Training. Will you go set everything up please?" O'Neal smiles at me. "Yes Alexandria." "Thank you oh and thank you for calling me Alexandria." O’Neal Smiles big and bows "your welcome Alex." and walks out of the room. "Oh I hate it when they bow or call me (Queen or Princess). It just bugs the crap out of me." Lucifer Laughs a little and says "Well Alexandria you are fixing to be queen and everyone is treating you like that because you will also be their queen and command them." "It still bugs me." Lucifer laughs and kisses me. "Oh Alexandria." -Down staris in the field with O’Neal- "O’Neal? Baby! What are you doing now?" O’Neal turns to see Camilla and says "baby I am sittin up everything for Narves's Training.I mean after all I am Alexandria Bodyguard and Protector now. Want to give me a hand?" Camilla Smiles at him and kisses his lips."Sure baby. you know ever since we left Gabriel and the famiely things have been a lot quieter and easy. but mostly QUIET! I need some action once in a while." O’Neal laughs at Camillia."well baby you can go and rough things up with Gabr.....I mean Lucifer’s Brother." Camilla looks at O'neal Funny. "baby why did you stop before you Finished Gabriel’s name? And that’s real Funny we had a side to pick Between them and I went with my sister and you followed me. We are no long accepted their... Yeah I do miss them but I wasn't separating myself From Alexandria. Gabriel would kill me on the spot if I showed up their you know it as well as I do." O’Neal smiles at Camilla. "Yeah baby I guess your right. And watch who you Say *Whispers* Gabriel’s. Name around Alexandria dont like to be reminded of him so no ones says his name anymore. haven't you noticed?" Camilla thought for a few mins. "no not really I will say GABRIELS Name as freely as I want  and if she has a problem with it she can come and talk to me about it." I Fly Downstairs. "CAMILLA! He just told you not be mentioning 'him' around me. you might want to listen or Elsa." "You were listening to us Alexandria that is not fair and that is invasion of privacy.”So I am about to be queen I have every right to listen to anyones conversation. what are you gonna do about it?" "GABREIL, GABRIEL, GABIREL, GABIREL, hahahahahahahaaha." I look at her and draw my sword and put at her neck. "Camillia! your are pushing me. I would stop while you are ahead sister or you’re going to get hurt. Remember if you play with fire you get burned." Luicfer comes downstairs and puts his hand on my shoulder. "Alexandria. now there is no need for violence. and Camillia ,Alexandria is right you don't need to push her you know how she gets angry very quick . and with her new powers its gonna be harder for her to control herself. so if you would be so kind as to SEES YOUR TOUNG!." Camilla bowed her head to Luicfer."Yes Lucifer." Lucifer Smiled and put his arm around me. "good and now that we all understand each other O'Neal Would you mind Going and Finding Narves and Camron Its Time for there Training please and thank you." "Sir." I laugh. "O'neal we are not in the army there is no need for that." O'neal smiled at me."right. Yes your highness" I Made a Face. "O'neal you can just call him Lucifer. we have not changed from the people when we all was with Gabriel." Camilla laughed and smiled."hahahahah you just said his name.. so that means I can say it right." Lucifer gave Camilla a mean look." NO! CAMIILA!" "fine. shesh. ok Lucifer I will leave Alex alone." "thank you cause the next time you do it I will let Alexandria hurt you. and Alex he is just doing what he knows.. I know you don’t like it but I am use to all this and your just bare with it please.. cause it is what it is. ok." I go up and kiss Lucifer. "ok baby I will try." "thank you" "GABIREL hahahahahah!!!!" I break away from Lucifer’s kiss "CAMILLA YOUR DIED!!" Camilla looks at me. "oh look at the time I have to go.BYE!" "You come back here." Lucifer grabs my arm. "Alexandria leave her be. she is just messing with you. you can get her back later. but right now I want a kiss from "my" Alexandria." I laugh and smile at him. "oh Lucifer fine but if I get my hands on her I am gonna kill her." "no your not...I will get her later. leave it to me." "ok baby.. I never seem to win a fight with you. cause you take the fun out of them." Lucifer Laughs deeply and gently kisses me. "I know that keeps you out of trouble."


Chapter 2-Alexandria’s Pain-


O’Neal came down with the boy trailing behind him. I smiled at Lucifer. “Ok which one of you boys want to go first?” Narves stepped forward. “I do mama.” I smiled at him he had come so far but I don’t see how enjoys training. When I was in training I never looked forward to training I hate it with a passion. But he is doing very well with mine and you know whose problems. It must be hard on him but he is a strong boy.

“Alex! ALEX!” “What, what sorry I was just thinking baby.” I looked at O’Neal. “You know what to do.” O’Neal smiles at me. O’Neal was now my protector. He is really good the best fighter here. He is strong I picked him not only for his skill but also as my friend. Narves took his fighting stance and O’Neal his. Narves went to attack him, but O’Neal dodged it. I went back into my memories. I really missed training it was relaxing and sometimes a very good way to get reed of my anger. “Alex!” “What? Sorry I was thinking. I just need to go lay down.” “Ok I will be up in a little while.” I walk upstairs go in our room and sit on the bed. “HOPE!” “Yes mis---- yes Alex.” I looked at her and she look back. “Alex you look horrible. Is something wrong?” “go get my Brother.” “Which one?” “Alucard!” “Yes Alex. I will be back in a minute.” I lay back on the bed lost and confused. “What is wrong with me? I am so lost. This is not like me I am usually so happy?”

Alucard walks in the room. “Alex, what’s up?” I look up at him “I wish I knew Brother. I have been felling really weird lately.” Alucard looked at me with much concern. “Well is it because your getting use to the fact you wake up with Lucifer instead Him?” I looked at my brother with shock. “No! that can’t be it……Can it?” “I don’t know sis I can’t read your mind like Gabriel could.” I tensed at his name. “Sorry sis I did not mean to slip his name out.”

“Its ok…I think that may be it.” I walk to the window looking out at the kingdom that’s I was fixing to be mine. “I can’t do this.” Alucard looked at me with shock “You can’t do what?” “Be Queen!” “What are you talking about sis...? I thought this is what you wanted.” I looked at him with tears in my eyes. “I do but the pain of being away from Gabriel is making me doubt that I can do it…*Looks at Alucard* Please take me pain away.” Alucard looked at me in shock. “Alexandria; I cant.” “Yes you can……please brother for me.” He walks over to me. “Are you sure.” “Yes just do it.” He touches my heart and I feel a sharp pain go though my chest. I fall to the ground. “Why won’t it work?” he sighs and looks at me. “Alexandria; your love for him too strong. I can’t take it away.” I have tears in my eyes. “Alucard I can’t take this pain.” “I’m sorry Alex there is nothing I can do.” I look at the necklace that I was still wearing even after I left. “Fine leave me.” He comes over and gives me a hug. “It will be ok sis. I know you can get though this.” I yank away from him. “No; I can’t.” Alucard looks at me sad. “Alexandria; why do you downgrade yourself. You cut yourself short all the time.” I look away from him. “Because; this is just the way I am. I have always been this way.” Alucard shook his head. “No; you did not use to think this way when you were with Gabriel.” I had a tear in my eyes. “Because I could not think that way around him.” Alucard smiled at me. “You do really miss him.” I turned away from him. “Leave me!” Alucard chuckled. “As you wish sis.” Then he walks out of the room, and I fall to the ground crying. I cry myself to sleep and a dream. No; a memory of Gabriel and me comes back to me. **Alexandria; I love you so much. I would never hurt you if I ever do.” I look at Gabriel and smiles at him. “I love you to Gabe with all my heart.” He kisses my lips** I wake in a cold sweat. “Alex! You okay.” I look at Lucifer. “Yeah baby I am fine.”


Chapter-3 ~Gabriel Returns to Lucifer’s Kingdom~


I woke up that morning and felt like someone had run a stake though my heart. “Sebastian; come here please.” The door opened “Yes Master.” I got out of bed then fell to the floor he caught me before I hit the floor. “Miss Alex are you alright?” I looked at him. I didn’t know how to answer his question. “I don’t know.” Sebastian looked at me funny then sat me back on the bed. “You need to stay in bed master please.” I shook my head ok. He smiled at me. “I will bring you something to eat.” “Ok” He went out of the room and Alucard came in. “Alexandria; are you ok you look horrible.” “I fell horrible brother.” He came to my side. “Alex; your going to be queen you have to start taking care of yourself.” I had tears coming down my face. “I know Adrian. I know.” Alucard put his arm around me. “Alexandria; I know it’s hard to just rest and take it easy. We all know you run 90-0 all the time. But we don’t want to loose you just because you can’t slow down for a while.” I looked at Alucard with much concern “Adrian Fahrenheit Tempes; you sound just like Gabriel.” He smiles at me. “I think like him as all. I see his point on a lot of things even when it comes to you my dear sister.” I smiles at Alucard and gave him a hug. “I love having you around Adrian.” He grinned. “What would you do without me?” “I would go crazy.” He laughed. “I believe it.” I heard a big bang downstairs. I jumped “What was that?” Alucard got tense “GABRIEL!” I got a sharp pain go though my heart. “Oh no this is not good. Not good at all.” Alucard jumped up. “I will take care of him.” I Jumped up and almost fell again. “ON Alucard.” “Alexandria!?”   


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