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I stood in front of them once again. The image of Steven leaving was lingering in my mind. Now I didn't care about what happened to me. They talked amoungst themselves and then it was time. Saya stood up . "we have come to a decision. You are being cast out of heaven and sent to earth. You will keep your wings and will be able to still hear and see the souls but you are only to direct the souls to me. There will be a bag waiting for you at the gates."
"is there anything you would like to say before you leave?" castiel stood up
I looked up from the ground "love comes with great sacrafices" I looked at them all again.
"is that all?" he asked
"yes" was my response.
"well then... Good luck" he nodded. One by one they were gone, until Saya was the only one left. We looked at each other.
"I didn't want this Elizabeth. You have to know that." she shook her head.
"you had to do what you had to"I nodded. With that said , I left.
Micheal was at the gate just like Saya said..he had a black duffel bag in his hands. the golden marks on my body had completely faded now but now it looked like i had tattoo's all over my body. it looked like henna was all over my body.i had never seen anything like this. they were always golden and bright. i looked at my hands and arms,flipping them over and over. "why are my markings this way?" i asked Micheal. these swirls and lines stopped half way up my neck.
he sighed and took my arm in his hand. he sat his hand on my arm and slowly traced the lines with his finger. after his hand slid over the lines they would glow bright gold again. "you are still an Angel Elizabeth, just for now you are band from heaven, taking your Powers away is more punishment then needed. your markings help ghosts to know who or what you are" he said still tracing my arm. slowly i slid my arm out of his hand. he looked back up at me. in his eyes i saw some sympathy for me, which was odd because Micheal was never one for sympathy. i gave him a slight grin and looked down at what seemed like the longest drop of my life. i took a deep breath,took the duffel bag and opened my wings.
"when you enter earth your wings will be invisible so try not to draw attention to yourself. once you touch down,open the duffel bag and follow the directions on the paper. you will be told where to go from there." he nodded. i gripped the bag to make sure it was secure and then i jumped, plummeting through the air like a falcon,my wings making a sharp whistling noise as the air went through them.

* * *

When the bright light that reflected on my skin had disappeared,darkness had covered me. it was night time here. There were Tree's all different colors,it must be fall. in heaven it was always warm. this was a major change. i hadn't been in weather like this since i was alive. flying over this beautiful place only made me think about Steven. i missed him already. my heart ached for him. all i could hold on to now was my promise to him. it was extremely late because there wasn't a single car in sight.. i saw a park that seemed like a good place to touch down in. slowly i flew lower until my heels hit the cobblestoned bridge that stood over the little clear pond. i looked around for people but saw no one. i looked behind me and Micheal had told the truth. my wings were invisible but i still felt them. i made them go away to the point where i didn't feel them anymore. suddenly i went down a size. i looked at myself and now i wore a gray sweater,a white shirt,jeans,and converses. my hair hung at my sides, it was straight now,and my clip had disappeared. i slipped my hood on and slipped the duffel bag onto my shoulder. i unzipped it and a piece of paper sat on top of what looked like clothes. i opened it and it said...
125 Greene street
that was it. i looked at the paper once again and wondered what directions Micheal was talking about. A minute later more writing appeared on the paper. it told me a way to get out of the park and other directions. i followed them. eventually the street i turned onto had huge houses and the smoothest sidewalks. .these houses were white,brown,auburn, green,blue,the house i stopped at was a big tan and deep brown house. it looked like a vineyard house. this thing was huge,and beautiful. i made sure it was the right number on the door, when it more thing had appeared on the paper.
check your back pocket....and good luck
i felt my pants pocket and pulled out a set of silver keys.. i put one in the top lock and turned it till the lock clicked,and then i did the same thing for the bottom lock and it did the same. i opened the door to see a huge corridor with angel staircases. the house was full of furniture. the walls were tan, and smooth.there was a small table with a vase full of white roses. i closed the door and walked through the thin hallway into a dining room that had baby blue walls, plates set, and a nice china set in the back. Next was the kitchen. there was a wide marble top counter in the center with grey stools. past that was the counters and refrigerator. the refrigerator was green. the cabinets were white. there was a large window towards the back of the kitchen and the kitchen table was light wood. it looked like a lunch bench but much more classy. A short distance from the kitchen sat a Grey couch with semi-green pillows. there was a Flat screen T.V. on the wall. i sat the duffel bag down on the counter and sat on one of the silver stools.the first thing i found was a iphone. i sat that on the table and the next thing i pulled out was an i.d and a wallet. i opened it and my eyes widened. there was a substancle amount of money in it. i sat that down. the next thing was a large manila folder. i opened it and slid the contents out. from what i read, i was in Arkansas and i would be attending Central High school. i would need to get a job and i would need parents, but they would be provided when needed. so pretty much i had this huge house to myself. they would pay the bills for the house but everything else was on me. i could not tell anything about me that may give away what i am, i cannot contact anyone from heaven or try to re-enter heaven or i will be stripped of my wings and powers. after all of that was done i closed up the bag and went up to my room. which was light brown and had a huge queen sized bed in it. there were windows bigger then me all over the place and when i looked out of the window i saw a huge rectangular swimming pool. i had been banished from heaven but this seemed like the high life. since what i had done wasn't all that bad i still deserved the best life possible. i knew that this was Saya's doing. i opened my closet doors to find jackets,purses,coats, shoes, pants, and shirt of every kind in it. oh yeah,deffenitly Saya's doing. i started school tomorrow... great. something i didn't want to look forward to. i changed into some blue silk pajamas that hung up in my closet and went to sleep. dreaming of one person...and a promise being kept.

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