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I know I am about to write something unthinkable for most of the fans of the saga but, I'd like to share this thought with all of You.

While reading the last 30 pages of the last book of the saga, I persuaded myself the best end I was approching to would have been:

"The Volturi revenge their right to protect the specie, the fight is huge and only Renesmee and Jacob are able to survive. They escape to Alaska or northern part of Europe and go on with their life for sometimes. Then, when Renesmee is 12 and full growth, they go back to Forks and seattle there.The teller of the all story about this forbidden love is Renesmee herself on the way back home to Forks.

That would have been very romantic and logic to me even if, maybe, less dreaming for most of the readers that were waiting for a Happy end.

With my conideration I don't want to mean that tep did not a good not get me wrong. I am just showing a personal point of view.

Be indulgent.

I have just thought that, the no fight, the surviving of everyone, the "escape" of the Volturi etc seems to me too simple and a kind of compromise reached by the author, just to make all her devoted fans happy. Maybe I am wrong....probably I am wrong... but anyhow I met many readers, a little bit disappointed like I've been, and wishing the end would have been as I told above.

If You ever thought about an alternative ending for the story, like I did or another kind, please get involved in this post and discuss it.

Thank You all

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Comment by Bailey <3 Cullen! on November 15, 2010 at 8:13pm
yh but more than just those 2 should survive maybe a couple of major & minor characters 2
Comment by Maree Kerrie-anne Thorpe on November 14, 2010 at 6:00am
i also agree i think that the best endig is where there is no conflict

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