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anticipating the arrival of NEW MOON

hello my fellow twilighters,if you are exactly like me then obviously you can't wait for new moon to come out as well.i seriously can't wait, but i think that i might actually cry at the movies when edward leaves bella and jacob steps in to take his place. i only said that because,well,when i first read the book i cried alot,i actually didn't know how to stop that whole night. i guess i cried because whenever i hear about lost lovei feel as if i'm in pain ,even though it isn't my love that got lost,although,i don't really have a love at the moment,but then again i don't know if i should(i'm only 13 going on 14). but anyway back to the movie and the book. i also wonder how alike the book and the movie will be.i was kinda sad when they took the chapter blood type out of twilight ,but oh well ,the movie was still really awesome! Did i forget to mention that it is coming out 7 days after my 14th birthday,yay me.that's when i plan to celebrate it with my friends. 7 days later won't really matter. but see ya later all the twilighters out there and if you can,please,please,please tell me anything going on with the twilight saga,i will really ,really appreciate it thanks and peace!

yours truly,

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Comment by vampgirl_13 on October 31, 2009 at 12:11am
yeah, they are! huh, taylor is wth taylor
Comment by Mrs. Hale/Uchiha on October 30, 2009 at 10:43pm
unfortunately, Taylor L. IS going out with Taylor Swift.

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