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    Sooner or later it will all end. A motto of mine, a bit lame but meaningful, i think. Sadness and despair is apart of that one thing we do every day ... its called life. Id say twilight is my pain drug, like morphine, yes that sounds lame but its true in all ways. I suck ass blogging but i like it. This way i can express my self, by blogging, its pretty cool :). Twilight is my life but so is sadness and death. So today we did nothing me and my family except go yo the swamp meet and walk around. The rest of the day we did nothing it was boring. I love day light savings, i get to stay up later than usual and still go to bed early. I love it. Well its 8:31 pm and I'm done for my first day id say i did pretty good for blogging. :)

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