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APART!!!!!! BELLAS PERSPECTIVE "what happens when bella decides to leave edward"

Why?!!!!?!?! I screamed at him as he crashed through the door on his way out. "EDWARD WHY WONT YOU??!??!" I couldnt hold back my anger anymore so i released it. I was sick of him trying to keep me away from his lifestyle. i wanted to be a vampire, i wanted to be like him, i wanted to be WITH him for the rest of eternity. I was sick of him trying to "Save my soul" i didnt give a damn about my soul.

I ran out of his house trying to catch up to him, but when you compare human speed to vampiric speed its impossible. "Dont worry Edwards just having another one of his hissy fits" Emmett tried to tell me but i didnt care. I started sprinting towards the woods where edward had dissapeared but i triped. of course, I was so sick of being such a klutz, it was like i couldnt function as well as others. I jumped up and brushed myslef off before taking off after him again. I follwed his trail of broken trees, smashed rocks and handprints imprinted into the plants and rocks surounding him. It took me almost an hour just to reach him. He stood there in a small meadow sitting in the exact middle. I crept towards him and sat in his lap. "Why...." i questioned again "just tell me why" he looked at me with sorrow in his gorgous gold eyes. "I..." he started but abruptly stopped. "I dont know" he finally said while looking away from me. i could feel myself bubbling with anger. I wanted to hit him so hard, to cause him the amount of pain i felt. "WHY WOULDNT YOU WANT TO, IF I WAS LIKE YOU THEN WE WOULDNT HAVE TO BE CAREFUL, YOU WOULDNT ALWAYS HAVE TO SAVE ME," i was starting to calm down now "You wouldnt have to worry if you would hurt me, you wouldnt have to worry about us never being together, we would be a whole part" i finished with something that would hurt him, i wanted to, i knew it wasnt tru but i wanted him to think i beleived it. "You might actually love me" I said before lifting myself up and walking back through the forest.


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