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apreceate what you got in life over all the other petty thangs

some time thangs are hard and some times thangs are easy but life is wat harder then some people can take because see people are from all diffrent kinds of places and we are all raised in diffrent ways and some people are raised with money and others are raised with hardly anythang and are strugleing. but in this world today alot of people are gready and dont care about what is going on in other peoples lives becaues they are busy dealing with there own lifes and trying to figuer out what your going to do or how your going to make it or your problems. but see if we all cared about other people that are going throw hard times and wach each others back maybe we would live happyer and not stress to much you know alot of time when you get what you wont it is never good enough because after you get that then you wont the next best thang out there. but the way i see it no matter what you have or what you dont have it is not going to go with you when you die and it dont give you love or be there throw your ups and downs i guess what im trying to say is i wish more people would apreaceate what they already have in there lives like friends and family because one day you going to be thinking about the next best thang that is in stores or where ever and your family and friend could be gone and you to busy with your life that you dont see around you that your love ones or your friend are hurting inside and they need you and then your going to go to them when you need them in your trobles and the not going to be there so live laugh love and never get to busy for the people you love because in the long run you will have every thang you really need in life right in frount of you and you dont even relise it till there gone.



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