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Today I was bored. Very bored. Pretty much all day. *Sigh*. I'm waiting to get my iPod touch back... April 30. UGH!!! Nine days. Nine days of waiting. Nine long days of agonizingly painful WAITING!!! GAH! I'm not patient today. Obviously. These next nine days are going to be annoyingly long for me. What am i going to do for nine days straight? Read New Moon i guess..... I'm reading it for the seventh time. All my friends say i'm crazy, but whatever. They're just jealous..... jealous of ME.... yeah right, no one's ever jealous of me, no matter how hard I try. :( Life is so mean to me. Why, why does everyone hate me? What have i done to upset the world? *I look at the ground in my front yard* WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU??? But, of course, it won't respond. Just like everything else. Typical day for me: Bad, painful, boring. Like today. Like every day. Like absolutely every day for the rest of my life. Man, i wish i was 2,000 dollars richer. I could actually LIVE that way. I wouldnt have to live on five dollars every week......... Grrr...... I hate my money. I planted a one dollar bill, and guess what? NO money tree. Great. So much for that idea. I'm going to have to force it to duplicate. Well, i should just get off of the computer before it crashes or falls on me and kills me, which would be normal for me. Everything bad happens to me. Computer falls on me, whatever. Not the worst thing that's happened.

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