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as Edward was driving me to his house, in his little sliver volvo i just couldn't stop wondering how he got out of my compultion, but then i realised i hadn't eaten in three days my new record. As he…

as Edward was driving me to his house, in his little sliver volvo i just couldn't stop wondering how he got out of my compultion, but then i realised i hadn't eaten in three days my new record. As he was driving down this whindy road i didn't get why they lived so far out there just humans yea they taste good but we use to be one of them.

When he stoped i couldn't believe how big his house was, they must have alot of money on there hands i wonder if one of them sees the future. As i was talking to myself in my head i didnt realise Edward was stareing at me, he looked confused and smug but worried and by all of that i was kinda turned on, wait! i couldn't believe i just said that he captured me and brought me here now i have to see his whole family or maybe i could run for it. "ahem " he said probly wondering why i was just sitting there like a dumb chicken. "What do you want you brought me here don't know why and i don't really care so if you don't mind and if you do mind well like i said i dont care im going back as i started to get out of the car at human speed seeing that he was still shocked that i actually talked. i steped out of the car and with lightning speed he jumped out of the car and ran to my side. Dam! i forgot he was a vamp too. "come with me" he said with such a calm voice it would send chills down a humans voice...... though right now it bothered me. "whatever i said following him in side.

the inside of the house was amazing it was so open it felt just like home well the one i had when i was human. As i steped though the door way there was 6 people standing on the side the first one who must be incharge had blonde hair he was a normal size adult but looked like he had been a vamp for years well of course not as old as the volturi. i should go visit them. so as i walked up to the first one i let my mind reading go to work for a quick seccond so i could learn all of there names and be able to go undetected by brainiac over there.... snap! i got all the information i would need so i walked down the line ana thought i could have some fun with this. Rosalie her head snaped up let me geuss your with the meat head over there hes name is emmett his head shoot up to what a priceless look dam i should of had my camera, so then i revealed who i would talk to nexted Alice mind reader nice and your mate is Jasper he works with feelings cool were you a hippy that cracked me up though his look scared me to death. and Esme such a compasionate women who is with the doctor of the house and who created all of you nnice to meet you carlisle and o so nice to meet all of you and what would you like to talk to me about.

When i finished talking i looked at them they were so funny but not as funny as janey man she was funny though i tried to make her take up my diet but it just seemed to much of a hastle i usally get a call from her every month or so i got her a phone i think for her 400th birthday.

as soon as i realised they were about to speak i snaped out of my day dream. "um well you already know stuff about us but we would like o know stuff about you", carlisle finished off . "well i was born in 1905 changed on my 17th birthday party in L.A i dont know who changed me but he left me a note to drink animal blood so i did have never drank human blood every five years i move to places that i can come out in the day time but i have this ring that makes it able to go out in the sun light but i only have a lightshine like i've put shiny moisteriser on humans fase me but not alot i got hunting every 3 weeks which im up to now.".

when i finished Alice amediatly asked a question."what gifts do you have?" well i thought you would already know i mumbled she looked at me and winked. oh you mean the others yer ok well everyone my powers are that i can make someone do anything i want but it seems it doesn't work on vampires i can also read minds and im working on this other two. when i finished there mouths all drop by the shock they had then i decided to look in and see what they were thinking. well who new we had a super hero in our misted carlisle amused himself. emmett was mumbleing smarty pants over and over again then said something i was hoping he would say im gonna get her for calling me a meat she wont even know mahahah. i muffled a laugh after that then someone who i was dreading Edward seeped into my mind. GOd you have your own space go use it. he just muffled a laugh like i did then said" well im very impressed that you can block other people out of your mind and even turn it off but even more impressed on the way you emmbarressed my fellow brother there. now to the real question wheres the ring" i replied like i was two" on my finger where else on yours now if you dont mmind i need to make a call and go hunting if you want to come your welcome and Alice to she seems very nice. then i went back to the real world and excused myself from the group and said i needed to make a call so i went outside and further away enough so they couldnt hear me and speed dial janes number. ................ hello? jane said
" hi janey it's me how you been?
"oh hi good you know helping spread the good word well keeping the secrect you know how it works."
are you on your break?
yer totally got off an hour ago and Alec says hi and thinks your hot"
then on the other line i could hear some curcing
awww tell him thank-you and his not bad himself.
hahah lol so what do you want
why do you think i want something?
well you called without knowing when my break was
ohh well there is something i want to find out...
ok hit me
well do you know the cullens.... yer carlsile is a good friend of Aro
o cool how aout the whole family
well there the biggest coven we've ever seen
Aro actually wants some of them to join the volturi
really well geuss where i am
forks with the cullens
really.... can they hear you
no im far away from the house
ok cool
bella we really miss you here what a shame you went
yer i know but it wasn't just for me
hey can i speak with felix
omg how are you you big teddy bear
dont call me that and im fine
sure you are
yer so what do you want
well do you know Edward cullen
sure he reads minds right yer
yes just like mee
to cute
i know....anyway do you have any dirt on him i know i had to ask you
well i have nothing sorry
aww o well i will just make fun of him myself
you do that ok
yep i miss you all tell janey to call me anytime and i might come and say high some time soon.
everyone gets on and says we miss you jane says speacialy Alec
stop it jane
aww i miss you to Alec we might have to get some time alone when i come for a visit
oooooooooooooooo everyone says
kk luv ya babe
bye bye guys don't kill anyone while im gone
sure we wont
as i end the convosation i head back inside everyone is totally clueless on who i was calling.

"well im sorry i was so long i had some things i had to take care of.
It's alright we have been talking and all of us have been talking and think if you wouldn't mind we could talk to you some more".
well if you don't mind im really thirsty and i was wondering if someone would show me the grounds and how big they are?

As soon as i finished Alice put her hand up and said.
"edard will take you!
she looked like she had the perfect plan in the history of ever. i looked over at edward and i saw him giving Alice a nice move look and with that i giggled everyone looked at me like i was different then i thought i am different and with that me and Edward left the house to go hunt

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Nice!!! Jessica

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