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There was a huge explosion behind me it threw me straight down the stairs hitting the stone floor I herd a crack. That was my leg. I reached out to feel how bad it was but I couldn’t move all I knew was I was going to die and that I had either nearly been hit by a bomb or stepped on a mine. I had to lie on the floor and wait… wait for my death I could feel the heat of the fire and hear all the sirens telling everyone it was safe- but not for me I could hear all the firemen shouting over the blaze someone picked me up and took me outside I felt the cold floor again someone ran their fingers over my head where I’d hit it I winced they sighed “she’s awake” they said it sounded like Carlisle I didn’t want to see him right now but I opened my eyes anyway there was a woman kneeling down beside me and Carlisle was standing with a fireman behind her I lifted my arm to my head “does it hurt?” the woman asked I nodded “okay I’ll sort it out” she wiped out the cut and put something cold on the cut “that better?” she asked I nodded again Carlisle glared at me I was going to get in trouble for this I looked away.

“Can I stand up please?” I asked the woman “of course you can let me help you up” she got up and offered me her hands to get up I took them and she pulled me up I stood still for a moment then I limped over to the wall I could see the ruins of the house there were still flames I guess I was lucky. The fireman spoke to the woman and they went off somewhere Carlisle walked over to me I looked down at the floor “you could have been killed” his voice sounded sour “I know but isn’t that you wanted?” I argued “what do you mean?” his voice changed “I mean you wanted to die didn’t you?” he looked at me confused I didn’t know what I was talking about either “doesn’t matter” I mumbled.

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Comment by Lex Dominic Jane Cullen on December 4, 2009 at 3:47pm
no i wrote it!!
Comment by Black Amethyst on November 30, 2009 at 8:08pm
Is that a real book? Whoever wrote it good job but you might want to tweak it a little so it flows better. Good job though!!!!!

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