The Twilight Saga

We had to stay in the hospital it was the only place that had shelter now Carlisle made me sleep on the bed I lied down on my side where I couldn’t see anything but outside the window I wondered about what I had said earlier on and I couldn’t think of what made me say it.

“I’m sorry… about what I said earlier dad,” “I’m sorry too I shouldn’t of brought you to work tonight this is all my fault-” “Its not it’s my fault” “Emily please just listen for a minute.” He pleaded “I’m listening.” I whispered “Look I should have told you this years ago. But I was afraid you wouldn’t listen.” He began I stared at him he wasn’t breathing, how? My theories were becoming real. My nightmares. They were to becoming a reality. “I really don’t know how to put this. But I’m not exactly human.”

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