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“What the hell do you mean?!” “I’m mean im not human” he said “then what are you? Alien? Fish? Squirrel?!” he smiled “not even close” “ok are you like dead but not dead?” “You mean undead.” I nodded

“Yes but im not a ghost before you say it” “Zombie? Wait no their really Ehhhhh” (Zombie impression!) I sighed thinking “Werewolf?” He shook his head “HA!” I clapped in my brilliant thought “Vampire! WAIT! That’s bad and you like blood” I froze. He laughed amused at my reaction, I shifted away from him slowly “Its okay, I don’t eat people” he explained “oh” I stopped shifting and moved back to the centre of the bed “I suppose that makes sense” I mumbled. “Don’t vampires drink blood though?” I questioned “ Yes, but I found a way not to kill humans in the process” I moved my head to one side confused so he knew “In other words I do drink blood but I only drink it from animals” “Ohhh I see” I didn’t really but he wouldn’t know. I looked out of the window, I could see fire everywhere. People crying and injured lay in the ashes.

“Ashes of midnight” I whispered.

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