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So I had this awesome twilight dream. It was really interesting that i figured i should probably share it. So it started out simple. i was lost in the forest screaming for an angel. i dont have any clue why i wanted an angel but i did. anyways, i was screaming when i slammed myself too my knees and cried. i closed my eyes and squeezed them shut. when i opened my eyes i was my bathroom rinsing off my face with some water. when i looked up i noticed something black on my shoulder.

i looked at it and it was the wolf mark. it was the tatto that the werewolves of la push wore on their shoulders. i panicked at first and then was like "sweet" stunned that i was now a wolf. after that i discovered the ins and outs of the life of the werewolf. then next thing i knew i was dating jacob black and we were madly in love. it came down too a fight with the volturi.

Things were out of control. we were battling them because they wanted too use us as pets and we refused of course. the battle was ended when me and jane volturi made a truce. then we both slowly became bestfriends. after a long time of being a wolf i went cliff diving with jake and when i hit the water i awoke. but it was one hell of a dream.

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