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School started back today and I am excited about summer semester. The teachers seem really cool and I think my classes will be fun. Though I do miss some teachers and friends from last semester already!

So, this will be brief as I have homework and I got 4 hours sleep last night. I would like little more tonight! :) If I get to bed in the next hour I should get at least 7 so I can focus on Psychology at 8am tomorrow~

Vampire baseball is this weekend! I am excited about that. I am taking the kids so it should be fun for the three of us plus I know people who are going to be there so I cant wait to have my Twi day. Then after that I have a little under two months to get my convention sold out and perfect! I know we can do it and we have tons of marketing in the bag! Vampire baseball is the beginning of fun things for us throughout the year.

Have some events we are working on organizing for the fans so that there are chances to win tickets to the convention. Should be a lot of fun. I will say that no one will be disappointed!

Have to get laundry done then off to bed. Catch ya tomorrow.

Oh geeze and I forgot homework :( That is OK I just have to get it done soon.


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