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backstabbing friends; got any, i shure do!

one minute they're liike your my bestiie; then the next miinute they're alL liike, duude i hate you get outta my life.

or they taLk about you to other people.

if your gonna say something about someone; say it to their faace && not to someone else or their friiends; because if you telL it to their friends than obviousLy your telLing it to the wrong person because they're friend EVERYTHING your sayiing.

haters wilL always be haters. .

dont be hatiing my stLy because then your just proving that i'm better than you.

dont hate someone because they're beautiful :-*

keep your friends cloes; your enemies closer; and your ex's as far away as possible

you never know someones true coLors untiL they show em.

trust me that day wilL come so0n enough<3*

it miite breakt your heart or hurt you realLy bad, but sometimes you just have to let that one person go.

you'll always fiind someone to replace them

no matter how much you try not to let someone replace someone you let go; they'll always find a place in your heart.

there's a million heartbreaks but every heartbreak means your one step closer to that happy ever after.

guys are like shooting stars and only one makes your wishes come true

*jealousy is the ugliest traiit*

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Comment by OMG Kidd Itts Chinna<3;-* on April 5, 2011 at 7:42pm
it's hardd to telL.
Comment by Rose Fawn on April 3, 2011 at 7:54pm

I know how you fell i have about 5 so far


Comment by mrs.lautner on March 26, 2011 at 8:56pm
I sooo feel yuu ppl (ex-friends) would talk 2 me and den tlk bout dere friends den tell dere friends im talkin bout dem ps:my name is ms.lautner we should so be friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

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