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Hello my lovely fellow Twilighters, me again, here for another rant!

It was a dark and smoky night - and I was up far too late, reading bad fan fiction; not smart.
1. Badly written fan fiction makes me cross and
2. I should have been asleep and am regretting staying up this late.
Oh yeah by the way, I forgot to mention that Australia is several hours ahead of America so its about 3 o'clock now. In the afternoon but I was up all night so I'm a bit sleepy. But anyway, reading all these lovey-dovey fan fics makes me think how lonely and unloved I am.

Which of course is pure nonsense and just my hormones overreacting.

But then I thought about others. There are people out there who have no love - people in Africa, people on the streets, orphaned children - they are alone.
And some might argue that this is just the way of the world, that loss, loneliness and grief are just a part of life...but it doesn't, it shouldn't have to be that way all the time. Happiness is light and beautiful; sadness is ugly and dark.
And no one deserves to wake up on the 14th of February and instead of wondering who their valentine/s is, wonder if they would eat today or if their house and livelihood was going to be swept away by a firestorm this time or if the illness that terminally affected them would be death today.

As Albert Einstein once said, "You may think your maths problems are difficult, but rest assured, my problems will always be greater."

And life is like that - one big jumble of letters and numbers, each equation not making any sense until you cross that bridge to come to it.

May you all find love and happiness,

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