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Something about him was just making me want to be close to him. I mean it was was strong like we were being pulled together. I looked down breaking our stare but i still felt his eyes boring into my head. I looked back up back to his eyes and i knew he felt the same way. I was in love.

Chapter 1:

My mom drove fast which was her normal way. It always seemed like she was on a race.I looked at her she was beautiful. She looked just like my grandma. Even for a pregnant woman she still looked beautiful. She was huge. Seven months pregnant with twins. I smiled thinking about my little brother and sister. My mom looked at me and smiled. "So are you excited about high school?" She asked me. "Yeah i'm just happy to start and get the first day over with." I said. "It's going to be "fun" being the new girl mom." I said sarcastily. My mom looked at me and i saw the pity in her eyes. But i knew when she got married to Mike. That it was going to be some changes. But i never thought i would leave New York for Washington but when Mike got offered the job and mom found out she was pregnant i knew it was a definant move. So in less then two months we were all moved in to our 4 bedroom house and here i am today about to high school for the first time. I finally saw the school. Thats when the butterflies in my stomach started. Mom must have felt my nervousness. "Janaila you will be fine." She said looking at me. I felt a little bit better but not that much. My mom pulled up to the entrance and let me out. I walked into the building. The hallways were filled with people. I took out my schedule and looked for the room number for my first class. I saw it was 234 i started walking looking at the room numbers. I realized that i had to go upstairs. I got up stairs and the tardy bell rang. Great! I was late. I finally found the class. But i didnt go straight in. I took a deep breathe and finally walked in. My teacher Ms.Blocks looked at me and stopped her first day conversation. "Hi you must be Janaila Michaels." She said smiling. "Yes, sorry i'm late and this is my first day here." I said to her nervously. She nodded and smiled. "It's okay just dont let it be a habit." She said. I smiled greatful that she wasnt mad. I looked at the class looking for seats. Everyone was staring at me. My nervousness level went up by like 10. But there was one person that caught my attention. He was a light tan color with a short black hair. He was cute. But what caught me was how he was staring at me. "You can sit over there if you would like?" Ms. Block said breaking my attention from he boy. I looked down and sat down. Ms. Block started her talk again but i couldnt really concentrate on her because the boy that was staring at me had my mind completely fillled. For some reason i really wanted to talk to him. When the class bell rang i took out my schedule and started walking to the door. But i didnt realize it was too late until i knocked into them. I looked up and saw that it was the guy. Somehow i knew it was. I smiled. He smiled back. His eyes were a dark brown and he was even more cute in person. No more than cute he was gorgeous. I looked down realizing i was staring. "Sorry i didnt mean to knock into you im just trying to get around." I said shyly. "It's okay i wasnt really paying attention either." He said. "I'm Seth Clearwater." He said with a smile on his face. His smile sent tingles down my back. "I'm Janaila Michaels." I said before realizing he already knew that. He started to say something but then the tardy bell rang. "We'll be fine it's the first day." He said smiling. "I can show you around if you would like?" He said. For some reason i couldnt say no. I wanted to say close to him. "Yes that would be great." I said smiling. We started walking down the hallway. "Can i see your schedule?" He said. I handed it to him and watched him as he read it. I looked at his face. He wasnt cute or gorgeous he was beautiful. He didnt look like a young boy he looked like a man. He looked back up at me and i saw something in his eye that i had seen in Mike's eyes when he looked at my mother. "So were going to gym." He said with his beautiful smile. "So where did you move from?" He said still looking at me. To concentrate i had to look away from him. "New York City." I said looking at art work on the walls. "Wow so this must be a real change from there?" He said. It sounded like he felt a little bit bad for me. "Yeah it is i miss it a little bit but we needed a bigger house and plus my stepdad got a new job." I said looking at him from the corner of my eye. We walked down the stairs and through some doors. "So do you miss anybody back home?" He said. In his voice it sounded like there was something he was trying to cover up. I looked at him and he looked back at me. "Yeah i miss my best friends but i didnt leave anybody worth sharing." I said. Seth stepped closer to me and he brushed a piece of my hair out of my face. When his hand left my face it felt like my face was on fire. "Thanks" I said looking down shyly. "We reached the gym doors and like a gentlemen Seth opened them for me. I smiled. I realized we were at least 15 minutes late but i didnt care they were the best 15 minutes of my life. 

Seth's Pov:

I need to get to Jake's house. When Mr.Cason took us to look at the lockerooms thats when i took my chance. I ran and ran until i saw the little red house. I didnt even knock i just went in. Jake was sitting there watching tv. He looked at me. "I found her." I said in a breatheless voice. Jake looked at me with wide eyes. "Seth what do you mean you found her?" He said confused. "Jake i imprinted on someone." I said still trying to catch my breathe. He looked at me and i knew he still didnt believe me. "Jake when i saw her it was like my whole world stopped." "Jake it isnt about me anymore it's about her." I said finally back to my normal voice. He looked at me and i finally saw believement in his eyes. "Seth what's her name?" He said still a little bit erie. I smiled just thinking about her. "Janaila." I said. He smiled and i knew he was convinced. He got up and walked over to me. He gave me a hugg. "Seth just promise me you will be careful." He said with a strong look. I smiled. "I will." I said smiling thinking about my angel. "So what does she look like?" He said. "We'll she is like a dark caramel color with medium brown eyes with curly black hair." I said proud. "Let's just say she is very nice." I said smiling thinking about her. Janaila was perfect. I was happy she was mine. Now the hard part is going to be telling my family. Especially Leah.  

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Comment by Katie Williams on August 27, 2011 at 10:03am
this is gr8
Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 25, 2011 at 10:46pm

awsome love it great job!!!


Comment by PeanutJazz930 on August 22, 2011 at 7:03pm
Awwe thankyou. Thanks for reading it too.:)
Comment by Bamboo on August 22, 2011 at 4:46pm
This is really good, I love it!

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