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Beginning to a Never Ending Love-Chapter 2-Is this really going to work

I looked at Seth. He looked back at me. He brought his hand to my face.  When his hand touched my face i could instantly feel the diffence in our temptures. I closed my eyes soaking in the warmth Seth's hands brought. I opened my eyes and looked at Seth. His eyes held sadness and something else i couldnt quite read. I slowly sat up and toward myself towards Seth. He stared at me and i felt self concious. I raised my hand slowly and pressed it against Seth's chest. I could smell the blood and it smelt amazing but i also knew i didnt want to hurt Seth. His heart was beating at a slightly faster pitter patter beat than a normal heartbeat. I looked up at him and he gave me a slient okay. I bent my head down listening to his heart. I could hear everything. It was amazing. I could also smell the blood. It made my throat ache and my mouth felt dry. I sat back and looked at Seth. "Where are the kids?" I said really hearing my voice for the first time. "There with my mother." He said. I nodded. "How are the twins?" I said worry in my tone. He smiled. "There Perfect." He said. I saw the love in his beautiful features. I smiled. "Who do they look like?" I said aching to see my babies. "Manai and Mj." He said. "Really?" I said surprised. Seth nodded. "Did you name them?" I said. "No, but i was thinking maybe Satanaia and Seth could." Seth said. I smiled and nodded. The room got silent and i felt the tension rising. It felt like i was losing him. I looked down at my wedding rings. I felt Seth's eyes on me. But i was scared to look up. To see the look in Seth's eyes.  "I'm scared." I finally said breaking the silence. I forced myself to look at Seth. His eyes held a sadness and fear. "Me too." He barely said looking away from me.



Okay, So there at odds at how to precede with everything. How would you handle it? Please Comment. Thanks a bunch!



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