The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2-

I woke up friday morning excited to go to school. I jumped in the shower and let the hot water run down my body. I got out and dried off. I put on my robe and started on my hair. I decided to comb it into a high bun. I started on my makeup. I decided to wear a light liliac purple with a touch of gold then i put on some black eyeliner and some lipgloss. I got dressed and put on some dark jeans with a purple v-neck tee and some purple and gold flats. I put on my pearls that my grandmother gave me before she died. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at what i looked like. But there was a feeling that Seth would like my outfit too. I could see his perfect bronzed face. I smiled. But i heard a knock on the door. "Janaila come on." My mother said softly. I could tell by her voice what kind of day she was having. This morning i knew she was uncomftable. I felt bad for her. I grabbed my stuff and went downstairs. My mom was downstairs and she had her head on the table. "Mom?" "Is everything okay?" I said worriedly. She looked up at me and i could tell by her face that she was in pain. "Yeah i'm fine come on lets go." She got up and made her way to the car. I locked the door behind us and she drove me to school. She drove slow today but i still made it there on time. I looked at my mom before i got out and she looked at me. "Relax." I said smiling. She smiled back but it wasnt her normal smile. It seemed force. "Have a good day." She said. I closed the door and walked into the school. I walked to Ms.Blocks class. Today we were learning about the planets and stuff. So that meant we were watching a movie. I walked into class and sat down. I felt someone tap my shoulder and i already knew who was. I turned around smiling. "Goodmorning Seth." I said smiling. He smiled back. "Goodmorning beautiful." He said back. I laughed and he had the look in his eyes again. "You can seat right here i saved a seat for you." He said. I smiled and grabbed my stuff and moved up to be next to him. "You look beautiful today."He said to me looking me up and down. I smiled. "Thank you" I said shyly. "I like your hair pulled back like that i can see your face more." He said. I looked at him. He looked at me and i looked into his eyes my heart started beating faster. The bell rang and class started so Seth broke the moment. I turned around and looked the screen. As Ms. Block Explained the movie i felt seth tap my leg. I looked down to see a piece of paper. It was a light torquise color. I unfolded it. As i opened it it was a beautiful tulip attached to it.

"Janaila will you go out with me to get pizza tonight?"


I smiled and i looked up. Seth was looking at me. I saw the nervousness in his face. "Yes i would love too." I said a little bit too loud. The whole class turned around and looked at me. "Sorry." Ms.Block just started talking again. I looked at Seth and he just looked at me. I smiled and looked away. School went by quick after that. Which i was greatful for. When i got home mom was in the kitchen cooking waffles. She loved waffles since she's been pregnant. "Hi mom." I said happy to tell her the news. I walked into the kitchen and she was sitting eatting her waffles. I smiled and sat down. I handed her the note and she looked at me and opened it. She looked at me with a big smile. "Awwe Janaila." She said smiling. I smiled. "So is it okay?" I said nervously."Yeah its fine with me you just have to ask Mike." She said. I knew thats what she was going to say. Mike was like my dad he had been there since i was a baby so he was very protective of me. "We'll when your done can you help me pick out my outfit." I said. She nodded eating her last bite. We went upstairs and looked through my closet. We finally decided on a peach color shirt with some burgundy and some black boots. I smiled as i looked at myself. My mom looked at me and that's when i saw them. My mom had tears coming down her cheeks. "Mom" "Awwe don't cry." I said. She looked at me. "Janaila your just growing up." She said in a sad voice. "Awwe mommy." I walked over to her and gave her a hugg. She hugged me back. We heard the front door open. My heart started racing. My mom went downstairs and i heard them talking. Then i heard my mom calling my name. I went downstairs and Mike was sitting in the chair. He didnt look happy. "So i hear that you want to go on a date tonight?" He said in his fatherly voice. I nodded. "Janaila you are 13 years old what do you need to go on a date for?" He said. "Mike i just want because i really like Seth." I said feeling the conversation not going we'll. "Janaila i think your too young but im going to let you go." He said. I ran over to him and gave him a hugg. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I said as i ran up the stairs. I heard my parents laughing. I finished getting ready. I curled my hair and pulled it back by a headband. I brushed a brown eyeshadow and gold tone agaisnt my eyes. I put on some lipgloss. I heard the doorbell ring. I grabbed my purse and sprayed some "Twilight Woods" body mist on me. I ran down toward the steps but stopped and took a deep breathe as i walked down the steps. I spotted Seth and he looked good. He had on a black tight t-shirt with some jeans. I smiled and he smiled back. "You look beautiful Janaila." He said. He had that look in his eyes like Mike had when he saw mom in her wedding dress. I heard Mike clear his throat. I looked at him. "So like i was saying Seth she has to be back by 10:30pm." He said in his fatherly voice. "Yes Sir." Seth said. I walked over to mike and gave him a hugg. Then i walked over to mom and she mouthed the words good job I nodded and gave her a hugg. We left and i saw that there were people in the car. I got in and the girl in the passenger seat turned around. She was feelings however cute i thought i looked before i left the house went to dust because she was beautiful. "Hello i'm Renesmee but you can call me Nessie." She said. Her voice sounded like bells. I smiled. "I'm Janaila." I said shyly. She nodded. "Seth was right your beautiful." She said smiling. I smiled back. "Your beautiful too." I said. "Okay your both beautiful." The guy said in the drivers seat. "I'm Jacob Black." He said. He was cute. He looked like he could be related to Seth. "Thank you and i'm Janaila." I said feeling more comftable now. He smiled and turned around. The car ride to the pizza place was fun we all talked. And Jake talked about how he was in last year of high school. Nessie talked about how she was already for summer and everything. It was a nice. We got to the Carlona's Pizzaria. Seth opened the doors for me. I smiled. We got our own table and Jake and Nessie got their own table. We sat down and the watier came over to us. After she left we started talking. "So how long have Nessie and Jacob been together?" I asked curious. Seth smiled. "For about a year now." He said. "Jacob is going to purpose to her when there down with school." "But it's a secret." Seth said smiling. I smiled. "That's so sweet." I said. "Do you ever want to get married one day?" I said asking out of curisotiy. "Yes when i find that right girl i'm going to make sure she's mine." He said looking at me with that look again. I was about to ask another question but then our food came. We ate and then we started talking again. "So let me ask you a question how does someone as beautiful as you not have a boyfriend?" I looked down. "Because i'm not like other girls im not insansly beautiful." I said in a quiet voice. When Seth didnt say anything i looked up and he looked angry. "Janaila dont ever say that you are beautiful." "Janaila your beautiful inside and out." He said. He looked into my eyes as he said this. And for the first time i actually believed it. I felt the urge to touch him. I stood up and he copied me. He hesistated for a minute but soon he pressed his lips to mine. I opened my mouth and we explored each others mouths. "Hmmm" I pulled away and saw Nessie and Jacob. They were both laughing. I smiled embarrassed. I looked at Seth and smiled. Tonight was the perfect night.


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Comment by Bamboo on August 22, 2011 at 7:48pm
I love this too, keep writing!

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