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 My alarm went off and i opened my eyes slowly. "Happy Birthday to you Baby." My mom was sitting on the side of the bed. I smiled and turned so i faced towards her. She had a gift in her hand. I sat up and she handed it to me. I smiled and started unwrapping it. I started yelling when i saw it was the outfit i had tried on in Forever21. I looked at my mom and hugged her. "Mom thank you so much." I said so excited. I rememeber being upset that i couldnt get it but this whole time mom was getting for me for my birthday. My door opened and mark was standing there. "Goodmorning Sweetie Happy Birthday." He said with a smile. I seen that he had a bag in his hand. I got up and walked over to him. I saw it was the new bookbag i wanted it. "Thankyou Mike." I said even more excited. "There's more look in the bookbag." He said with a smile. I looked and found a necklace box. I opened it and saw a pretty sapphire butterfly necklace. "Thank you Mike i gave him a hugg. I looked at my mom and she was smiling. "Happy Birthday." They both said in union. Mom left and so did Mike. I go dressed and put on my favorite outfit. I smiled as i looked at myself. The outfit fit to a tee. It was a Blue/Purple Lacey blazer with a Light Navy blue maxi skirt. I was so happy. I did my hair. I parted it down the middle with curls. I did a light blue eye with sliver tones. With of course some lip gloss. But what really made my outfit was my wearing my favorite pearl earrings that my grandmother gave me. I closed my eyes and imagined her. "Thank you." I whispered to myself. I had a feeling that today was going to be the best birthday. I looked at myself one more time before going downstairs. I smelled blue berry pancakes. I ran to the kitchen and of course mom was cooking my favorite breakfast. I smiled and walked over to her and gave her a big hugg. Of course her big belly was in the way. "Thank you." I said. "Your welcome Nay." She said smiling. I knew today she felt okay. I was happy. I loved seeing my mom happy. I sat down and she made me a plate. I ate happily she walked to the refrigarator and pulled out a Strawberry Bananna from Mcdonalds. My favorite. She sat down and watched me enjoy my favorite breakfast. "Oh yeah remember to come home after school." "I wont be here because i have to make a few runs but it wont take long." My mom said. "Okay." I said a little bit sad that i wouldnt be able to spend time with Seth. But it was a family thing. My mom always cooked sloppy joes for my birthday dinner. I finished eating. It was the right time to because Jacob was here to pick me up for school. We started that after they saw how big my mother was and it was on the way to school. It also gave me more time to spend with Seth. I smiled just thinking about him which made me want to see him. I heard a knock on the door. I ran to the door and opened it not even giving him to say goodmorning. I was in his arms hugging him like i wouldnt see him again. Seth laughed. "We'll Goodmorning too you too Birthday Girl." I pulled back and pressed my lips to his. We heard the horn honk. "Janaila dont forget about coming home right after school." My mom said scaring me. I didnt realize she was behind me. "Okay" I said looking down embarrassed. Seth looked at me and he looked sad. "That sucks i was looking forward to hanging out today too." He said sounding Bummed. I grabbed his face and pressed my lips to his again. "It's okay." I said smiling. We walked hand and hand to the car. When we got in Jacob and Nessie looked at me. They didnt say anything which started to scare me. Then they just busted out and started singing. "Happy Birthday too you." "Happy Birthday too you Janaila and we wish you a very happy birthday. Then Nessie handed me a rose and Jacob handed me a card. I opened the card and it was nice it also had a $50.00 gift card in it. I smiled and leaned to the front and gave them each a big hugg. In the three weeks that me and Seth really gotton close i also had gotton close to Nessie and Jake. I smiled and sat back. "You know you look very sexy today Birthday girl." He whispered in my ear. Nessie giggled and it was like she heard what he said. But she didnt even seem to appear to be listening. I smiled and turned my attention back to Seth. "We'll thank you." I said before pressing my lips to his. I opened his mouth with my tongue and tasted his sweet hot breathe but i stopped. I knew i was teasing him. He looked at me and laughed. I smiled and snuggled closer to him. We got to school and everyone said Happy Birthday too me. School went by fast but i was sad because i wouldnt be able to spend time with Seth. When we got to my house Seth walked me to the door and kissed me like i did him this morning. He pulled away just as i got into smiling. But i saw sadness in his eyes. For some reason seeing him like this hurt me. I gave him a soft kiss and went in the house. I went in the kitchen and sat down. But just as i did the house phone rang. I got up and answered it. "Hello?" I said. "Hi is this Janaila?" The voice asked me. "Yes it is who is this?" I said. "Oh i'm sorry I'm Alice Cullen." "Your mom is over here and she said that i could come get you and bring you over here." Alice said. She sounded kind of like Nessie. "Can i speak with her?" I said unsure. "No because she is the bathroom." Alice said. "So i'll be there in 5 minutes." Then the line went dead. I grabbed my stuff and locked the doors and went out on the front porch. Soon a nice yellow car pulled up. A beautiful woman stepped out. She was beautiful but in a strange way. She even walked beautiful. "Hi i'm Alice Cullen." She said in her beautiful voice. "Come on i can give you a ride to my house." She said smiling. For some reason i believed her. I got in her car and she drove fast and quick. We reached a beautiful dream-like house. We walked in and there was another beautiful waiting there. "Hello i'm Esme Cullen." She said with a smile. I smiled back feeling a little bit nervous now. "Come on Janaila your mother's upstairs in my room." She said walking up the stairs. We got to Alice's room and it matched her personality very up to date but still had a classic feel to it. I looked around her room just amazed at how beautiful it was. "Come on." She headed to what i soon realized was a bare bathroom. Before i could even ask why i blindfolded and sat down somewhere. Soon i heard Alice and another voice. "Okay so your going to start on her hair and i'll start on the makeup. "Okay Janaila were not here too hurt you." Alice said. She took off the blind fold and i saw a beautiful blonde. She was even more beautiful then Alice and Nessie combined. She smiled. "Hi i'm Rosalie Cullen." She said looking through my hair. Her hands felt good. They were light and had like a swift and quick movement too them. I closed my eyes so that Alice could start on my makeup. Thats when i realized that my mom probably had this all set up for me. I smiled feeling like a princess. Alice starte giggly which sounded like bells. I opened my eyes and she looked at me. "Perfect." She said. "I'm done." Rosalie said. "Are you ready to see yourself beautiful?" Alice asked me. I nodded and Rosalie slowly turned me around. I gasped as i saw myself. I was stunning. My face was glowing and my hair was beautiful. Tears started stinging my eyes. They slowly slid down my face. "Doesnt she remind you of Bella?" "Not realizing how beautiful she is?" Alice said to Rosalie. "Who?" I said trying to figure out who they were talking about. "Our sister." Alice said. I nodded as i looked at myself. My makeup was Sapphire tones and Gold tones. My hair was a swooped bang with shaggy layers. "Good thing i used water proof mascara." Alice said to me. "Janaila you know you were already like this we just enhanced it." Alice said to me with a now very serious face. I didnt say anything. Music started playing and Alice answered her phone. She wasnt on it that long. When she got off she looked at me. "It's time to get dressed." She said smiling. I didnt argue with her and she went and got my dress. When i saw my outfit my mouth dropped. It was beautiful. A dark blue blazer with a black waist cincher. The dress was beautiful too a blue,creme and green print. The shoes were cute too. They were a creme and satin pump. I smiled. I realized my necklace matched perfectly. I looked at Alice and Rosalie. "Thank You so much for all of this." I said feeling the tears coming. Alicen jus shook her head like it was no big deal. She motioned for me to come and i started getting dressed. After i was dressed it was time to go. I knew we were going out to eat. I smiled at the nice car we rode in. It was a black expensive car. I smiled the windows were tinted so i couldnt see anything. I had butterflies in my stomach. When we stopped we got out and we were at a restuarant i had never heard of. I looked at Alice and she just smiled. "You ready?" She said. I nodded and we walked to the entrance. Thats when i saw my family. My mother was in a long blue bloom dress she looked beautiful. "Happy birthday.!" I realized there were more people in the room that i didnt know. But the one person i did recongnize was Seth. He looked handsom. He had on blue dress shirt with a torquise tie and some black dress pants. I ran into his arms and kissed him. People clapped. I pulled away and looked at him. "Happy Birthday." He said. I smiled and pressed my lips back to his. He pulled away and lead me to my parents. I smiled and gave them a big hugg. "Happy Birthday Baby." My mother said. I smiled and she was tearing up again. "You look beautiful baby." She said too me having tears roll down her cheeks. "Thanks Mommy you look beautiful too." I said tears filling my eyes. She wiped her face and then wiped mine. "This is supposed to be happy no crying." She said laughing. I nodded in a agreement. I looked at Mike and gave him a big hugg. He held me close. "Look at my beautiful daughter." He said. I could hear the sadness in his voice. "Your growing up not a little girl anymore." He said. He pulled away and looked at Seth and nodded. Somehow i knew that was his way of accepting Seth. I smiled and Seth took me to his parents. My heart was beating a mile a minute. When we reached his mom she was smiling. I took that as a good sign. She gave me a big hugg. "Hi i'm Sue You are beautiful and Happy Birthday." She said too me."Thankyou." I said back to her.  When she pulled away i looked at her and she was beautiful. She is about the same color that Seth is but she is shorter about my height maybe 5'5 but what caught me was her hair. Her hair was long and flowing. My attention was turned to his sister next. They favored a little bit but she looked like there mom. I smiled and Leah smiled back. But i could see something in her eyes. She held out her hand and i shook it lightly. "Hi i'm Leah." She said. I smiled. "I'm Janaila." I said a little bit nervous. For some reason i got the feeling that Leah really didn't like me very much. After that i felt someone tape me lightly on my shoulder. I turned around to see Alice but she had the people i didnt know behind her. They were all beautiful but not in a normal way. "Janaila this is my family." Alice said. She turned around and started introducing them all. She pointed to a a guy with medium long blonde hair she introduced him as her boyfriend  he smiled. "Hello I'm Jasper and Happy Birthday." He said in a man's voice but it had the bell ring too it like Alice's and Rosalies. I smiled. "Thankyou." Then she pointed to Esme but it was the guy next to her. He was smiling and he looked to be about in his early 30's. But he was also beautiful. "Hello i'm Carlise Happy Birthday." He said in a voice lower than Jaspers but still beautiful. "Thankyou." I said again. Then she introduced a beautiful brunette woman. The brunette woman looked at me and smiled. "Hello i'm Bella Happy Birthday." Bella's voice sounded like Nessie and they even favored a little. I smiled."Thankyou." I said. Then she introduced Bella's husband. "Hello i'm Edward and Happy Birthday." He said in the same type of voice like the other guys. Now him and Nessie looked just a like. Before Alice could even introduce him a big bulky guy introduced himself. "Hi i'm Emmett Happy Birthday. I smiled. He reminded me of my cousin. His voice was like the others too. After Alice introduced me too all them. The dj started the music. Seth grabbed me and we started dancing but i wasnt with him long. I was pulled by a big guy. He was tan and he smiled. "Hi i"m Quil one of Seth's Best friends." "Happy Birthday." He said with a big smile. "Thankyou." I said. Then i being turned around by another big tan guy. "Hi i'm Embry." He said with a smile. "Happy Birthday." He said. I smiled and then was being pulled by a another Tan Big guy. "Hi i'm Paul." He also said with a smile. "Happy Birthday Beautiful. He said with a wink. I smiled. But then i felt myself being pulled again. This time it was Seth. I smiled he had a look on his face i realized he wasnt looking at me but Paul. I guess he heard Paul call me beautiful. I realized he was jealous. I smiled and kissed him. I felt him relax a little bit. But i was taped on the shoulder and i turned around. There was another Tan Big guy in fight of me. He smiled. "Hi i'm Jared." I smiled. "Happy Birthday." He said in a deep voice. "Thanks." I said smiling. I turned back to Seth and he smiled. "Are you enjoying yourself?" He said smiling. "Yes i am." i said smiling. Then it all made sense. Why i couldnt see him after school and how Alice came and got me. "You planned this all didnt you?" I said completly surprised. "Yes but you deserve it Janaila." He said to me. "Thankyou Seth. I love you." Before i could catch myself the words that i wanted to say  since the first time we kissed came out. Seth looked at me. "I love you too." He said smiling. I smiled and pressed my lips to his. But it was cut short because my mom came on the mic and said it was time for cake and gifts. Seth took my hand and we walked to the front of the stage. Mike and Mr. Carlise brought out the cake. It was beautiful. It was Creme,Sapphire Blue and Torquise with white tulips on it. They willed it int front of me. Everyone started singing Happy Birthday. Even though i had just met all most of this people i could feel the love in the room. I smiled trying to not to cry. After we ate cake then we started with the presents. First it was Seth's family. They gave me a outfit. It was cute. Then i opened my gifts from the Cullens.The first one i opened was from Alice and Jasper. It was a a creme top with white pants and some nude color wrap around flats. That outfit was so me. "Thankyou so much." I said to Alice. She had a big smile on her face. The next one i opened was from Rosalie and Emmett. It was a torquise blazer. With some teal abnd blue color heels. I loved it. I looked at Rosalie and Emmett. "Thankyou." I said with a big smile. They nodded. The next one i opened was from Bella and Edward. It was Nook to read my books on with a torquise cover. I loved this gift now i wouldnt have to go to the library or borrow books from people. I looked up at Bella and Edward. I flashed them a big smile. "Thankyou." I said really enjoying this one. The next one i opened was from Esme and Carlise. As i opened it tears started to feel my eyes. The dress that Esme gave me was beautiful. It was long and lacey but the bottom was ruffles. It was beautiful. It looked like something right out of the 1930's. The tears slid slowly down my cheeks. I got up and ran to Esme. I hugged her and she hugged me. Everyone clapped but i heard a few gasp too. I pulled back and looked at her. "Thankyou i love it." I said in a teary voice. She smiled. "Your very welcome." She said in her beautiful. I hugged her one more time and thats when i noticed how cold she was. I pulled away and went back up to the stage. Thats when i saw the gift box. I opened it and it was earrings. Very beautiful earrings. I smiled and looked at Esme but she looked at Carlise. He just nodded. "Thankyou." I said. Seth got up from his sit and came to me. I smiled as he got closer. He was in front of me and he got a mic. He kneeled in front of me and took out a gift box. "I know how much you love your grandmothers pearls and i know how much i love you so to remind you of both of us here you go." He set the box on my lap. I looked at him and slowly opened the box. My eyes started to water again when i saw the beautiful pearl necklace. i bent down and fell into Seth's arms kissing him. He stood up and we heard people clapping. I pulled away and Seth wiped my tears away. I smiled. "Thankyou." I said too him. Then i heard someone get on the mic. "Hello i'm Sam and this is my fiance Emily and we just wanted to say Janaila welcome to the family." "And now since your part of our family we want to let you know that we got you and your family a full paid vacation too Paris. He said to me with a big smile. I started jumping up and down. I couldnt believe that i was actually going to Paris. "Thank you, Thank you." I said as i ran to Sam and Emily. When i got to them i gave them a big hugg. After all the gifts and stuff were done it was time for me to say my thankyou's. I grabbed Seth's hand and we walked to the front of the stage. Tears were slding down my cheeks. "Thank you for all coming to this amazing Party." I had to take a second to get myself together. "I really appericiate it." " You made this the best birthday i have ever had." I said with the tears really coming. I turned and looked at Seth. "Seth thank you so much for even thinking about me and everyone who helped you too create this amazing night." I said. I pressed my lips to Seth and everyone started to clap. This was the perfect ending to the perfect night.!

Links to See Janaila's Outfit and Gifts

Janaila's School Bday Outfit-

Janaila's Bday Outfit

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Janaila's Party Outfit

Janaila's Gift from Alice&Jasper-

Janaila's Alice&Jasper Gift

Janaila's Gift from Rosalie&Emmett-

Janaila's Rosalie&Emmetts Gift

Janaila's Gift from Bella&Edward-

Janaila's Gift from Bella&Edward

Janaila's Gift From Esme&Carlise-

Janaila's Gift from Esme&Carlise

Janaila's Gift From Seth-

Janaila's Gift From Seth

Here is what Janaila's Hair and Makeup looked like-

Janaila's Bday Hair

Janaila's Makeup




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