The Twilight Saga

"Beginnings"-Chapter 4-Joyus Depression

"Come on Janaila i dont want to wait for you". My mother screamed up the stairs for me. She was more impatience more than ever. "Coming." I yelled back down. I looked at myself one more time in the mirror fixing my smudged eye liner. I wanted too look perfect for Seth. Once it was fixed i grabbed my stuff and ran downstairs. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She looked so exhausted and in pain. It was November 30th the twins Due Date.  Mom looked like she had a bowling ball in her stomach and i could just imagine how it felt. "Janaila it's rude to make people wait on you." She said realizing i was in the room. "Sorry." I said kissing her on the check and leaving. I opened the door and Seth was waiting with a big smile on his face. "Sorry." I said giving him a quick peck on his lips. I grabbed his hand and we ran to the car. Jacob just looked at me and i could tell he was upset. "Sorry Jake." I said feeling bad. "Goodmorning Nessie." I said happy to see my friend. She turned around and flashed a perfect smile. I smiled back. "You look pretty today." She said too me. "Thankyou." I said back. Seth pulled me closer. "You look better than pretty you look beautiful." He whispered too me. I smiled and turned my head to look into his eyes. I pressed my lips to his. "Thankyou." I whispered when we pulled away. We got to school and school was the same old same old. The class i was looking forward too was art. I loved art and we were working on Canvas today. I already knew what i was going to do. A picture for my new little brother and sister. I smiled as i thought about them. When it was time for 4th period i was excited. I was anxious to start on my project. Seth had Mechanic's this period. So before 4th period we gave each other a big kiss. It was hard to pull away but i told myself it was only an hour. I walked into art and put on my smock and started working on my canvas. I decided to do something simple. I'm going to do a half and half heart with pink and blue strips on it. As i started my mind went to my mom this morning sitting at the table. It broke my heart to see her like that. I was brought out of my thoughts when i heard me and Seth's name being called to the office. I took off my smock and grabbed my stuff. As i did that Seth came and we walked to the office. We got to the office and Alice was waiting for me. I smiled and she smiled back at me. "Your mom is in labor." She said in her beautiful voice. "Come on i already signed you out and everything." She said smiling. We ran to the car and Alice drove fast to the hospital. We got to the hospital and ran to the room. I walked in and my mother screamed in pain. She had sweat running down her face. Her eyes were clenched tight. "Oh my god get them out." She yelled i could hear the pain in her voice. "Okay Nai push." Carlise said. My mother held her breathe and pushed. Thats when i heard them. It started out like a little cry and then i heard too little crys. Tears fell down my face and my baby brother was born. I walked closer and looked at them. They were beautiful. I looked at my mother. She looked back at me and her eyes were glazed over. I could tell something was wrong. "Mom?" "Mommy"? whats wrong? She looked at me and mouthed the words. I love you. Then she closed her eyes. "Mom no." I screamed. I felt myself being pushed back. I knew that she was already gone. I felt warm hands take me. "Janaila it's going to be okay." Seth said to me. But i knew it wasnt. I knew i had just lost my mother. I fell to the floor in the darkness. I woke up and everyone was looking at me. They all had a sad expression on their faces and i knew she was gone. I got up and looked through the door. I saw that they hadnt taken her out yet. I walked in and Mike was sitting next to her he saw me and got up and left. I knew Mike was heart broken. I looked at her she looked so peaceful. The tears fell down my cheeks. I kissed her lightly on her forehead. "I promise i will take care of them." "Mommy i love you." i looked at her one more time and then left the room. I walked back out and everyone was looking at me. "Im ready to see them." I said in a low voice. I looked at Mike and he looked back at me. "Have you seen them?" He didnt respond but i could just tell he blamed them for her dying. "Are you sure honey?" Esme said. "Yes i need too." I said needing to be strong. They walked me to where the babies were and had a nurse pick my brother and sister up. When they picked them up tears started rolling down my cheeks. They were beautiful. "There not named yet." Esme said too me. "Manai Nalia and Mike Nalian." I whispered back to her. She looked at me. "Beautiful." She said back. I looked at my future. My life.

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