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"Mike can you please help me?" I asked getting frustarted. Mike just looked at me. It had almost been two weeks since the twins were born and my mother died. I was still hurting but in knew i needed to be the strong one is this situation. Mike just stopped living basically. He couldnt even look at the twins which broke my heart. My brother and sister were beautiful and precious and i realized that everything happens for a reason. So my mother dying when they were born has a reason too it. So now i'm playing mommy. "Mike please." I said begging now. Taking care of babies was hard. All they did was cry eat and sleep. I was losing sleep and it was starting to mess with me. Manai was screaming. I knew she must be hungry. I looked at Mike and his expression was sullen. I got up and got her eventually. I went in the kitchen and got her bottle and stuff. I went and sat back down and started feeding her. "I hate them." Mike said. Then he got up and walked away from me. I watched him walk in his room and shut the door. Tears were sliding down my cheeks. I wiped them. I finished feeding Manai and rocked her back to sleep. After they were sleep i went to my room and laid on the bed. I closed my eyes and cried. My phone started ringing and it was Seth's ringtone. I took a deep breathe before answering. "Hello?" I said trying to sound happy. "Janaila what's wrong?" He said. I guess i didnt do that good of a job. "Nothing. I'm fine." I said not wanting to worry him. "Janaila tell me." He said sounding concerned. "Seth im just so stressed." I said hearing the cry in my voice. "Janaila isnt Mike helping you." Seth said now sounding concerned. "No today he told me that he hated them." I said taking a deep breathe. "He said what?" "He told you that he hated them?" Seth said taking it all in. "Yeah Seth i dont know what im going to do." I said. Thats when i heard the boom. I dropped the phone and ran to Mike's room. Thats when i saw him. He killed himself. He laid there not breathing not alive. I fell to the floor. I dont know how long i sat there until i felt warm hands picking me up. "What i am going to do?"  I said not worrying about myself but my baby brother and sister. Seth picked me up and carried me to my room. He laid with me on the bed. I cried in his chest. My whole world was crashing down on me. Seth didnt say anything he just let me cry. I closed my eyes and soon darkness engulfed me. I heard my name being called. "Janaila wake up." Seth was nudged me. I opened my eyes and he looked at me. "Janaila Chief Swan and some police officers are here to investigate." Seth said with a sad look. "Okay." I sat up and saw a man. He was a tall man with dark brown hair and a mustach. He had a sad look on his face. "Janaila i'm Chief Swan i'm sorry for your loss." He said. I nodded. "Do you have any way you and your siblings can stay?" He said. "No not currently." I said sadly. "You dont have any relatives or anyone?" He said looking sorry. "No i dont sir." I said. "We just moved here a couple of months ago and me and my mother really didnt have any family." I said feeling the tears coming again. "Chief Swan what's going to happen to me and my babies?" I said. "We'll since you dont have any family your probably going to be put in a home for a while." He said with full of sadness. My stomach dropped. "We cant go to a home." I said getting angry. "We cant there only 2 weeks old." I said not even caring about myself anymore. "I'm sorry." He said. "Where are they?" I said needing to see my brother and sister. "We have some female officers with them right now." He said trying to ease me. "I need to see them." I said getting ansy. "Okay i'll bring them too you." He said. He walked out the room and i looked at Seth. He looked back at me. "Seth what am i going to do?" I said crying now.  He came over and hugged me. "Here you go." I heard Chief Swan say. I sat up and he had both babies in his arms. He handed one to me and one to Seth. I looked at my babie brother and sister. They didnt deserve this. I looked at Seth. He looked back at me. "Seth i dont know what i'm going to do." I said realizing that i was responsible for this little human beings. "They depend on me." I said. Seth nodded. I looked up and thats when i realized Esme Cullen was in the room. She was looking at me and the babies. She had this look in her eye. "Janaila we can help you." Esme said. I looked at her i could tell she was serious. "Janaila you can leave with me and my family." She said. I looked down at Manai. Even though i didnt really know them i knew i needed someone to stay and i didnt want them staying in a home. I looked at Seth and he nodded. "Janaila the Cullens are a family friend and there going to take very good care of the twins." Seth said with a serious expression. I knew i could trust Seth. I looked at Esme. "Are you sure we arent intruding?" I said looking at this beautiful woman. She smiled. "Janaila i promise I and my family would love to have you as a part of our family." She said with a smile. I smiled back feeling like i could trust her. "Yes thank you very much i appericiate it." I said letting tears roll down my cheeks. I got up and hugged her. She hugged me back but not too tight because of Manai. She took Manai from me and i packed our bags. I made sure i had everything and looked at my room one more time and left. Esme drove slow and the car ride was quiet but it was peaceful. As we apporached the house i realized how beautiful it was. She pulled up too it and my breathe was taken away. She helped me get the babies out and we walked up to the front door. We walked in and everyone was waiting. They all had smiles on their faces. I smiled back. Alice ran to me and hugged me. "Janaila i'm so sorry." She said. "Thankyou." I said. Edward walked up to me and took our bags. "Thankyou." I said with a smile. He smiled and nodded. I heard Manai cry and i turned around but i saw Rosalie already had her. Rosalie looked up embarassed. She tried to hand her too me. "No you can hold her." I said. Rosalie smiled and i knew that she loved Manai. I could see it all in her face. Emmett had Mike Jr. he looked so happy. I smiled. "Do you want to see your room?" Esme said to me. I nodded and we walked upstairs. We walked into a beautiful room. It had a beautiful view. But the decor was beautiful. It was all different types of blue it was just beautiful. I turned around and hugged her. Tears rushing down my cheeks. She hugged me back. "Thankyou Esme." I said finding my voice. "Your welcome Janaila." She said with a sincere voice. "You and the twins are apart of this family now." She said. I looked at her and i could tell she was serious. "Do you want to see there room?" She said with a smile. We walked down the hall to a room. It was beautiful decorated in golds and browns. With a touch a brown. But what got me there was no bed.  We walked through another door and walked into a babies dream. One half of the room was pink and the other half blue. Everything was there for a baby needed and more. Tears filled my eyes they spilled over. "Thankyou." I said not believing this. She smiled. "Your welcome." We went back downstairs and everyone was sitting in the dining room. They all looked at me and i got the feeling that they needed to talk to me. I pulled out a chair and sat down. Seth looked at me. "Janaila we need to talk." He said with a serious expression. "There's something i need to tell you." He said. "Janaila me and my friends that you met at the party are shapeshifters." He said slowly. "We can shift into wolves." He said slowly watching my expression. "You can shift into wolves Seth?" I said repeating what he said too me back to him. "Yes and i've imprinted on you." "Which means that i knew you were mine and i was yours." He said with a smile. For some reason i believed all of this. Seth looked at me. "Janaila?" He said with caution. "I believe you." I said in a low voice. I looked at him and he smiled. He looked at Edward and Edward nodded. Carlise spoke up then. "Janaila we also have something to tell you." He said in a serious tone. "Janaila myself and my family are Vampires." He said slowly. My eyes got big. Before i could stop myself i spoke. "Are you going to hurt the babies?" I said. Carlise smiled. "No we dont feed on humans." He said. I nodded taking it all in. "So my boyfriend is a wolf and you are Vampires." I said slowly. "Okay." I said. They all looked at me. I smiled. "Okay and i'm human." They all laughed. I smiled and walked over to Seth. I sat down in his lap. I looked at my new family. Tears were filling my eyes. "Thankyou so much for taking me in and my brother and sister." I said with my voice cracking. They all looked back at me. My New Family.

Authors note-

Thank you Beautiful death by Jacob for giving me the idea to add a little bit more. I hope that this is better now. So thank you very much. If theres any other suggestions email me or write me a comment. Thanks Lovvve Yahhh lottts!

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Comment by Katie Williams on August 27, 2011 at 4:37pm
this is gr8 and can u keep me posted plz
Comment by EdwardRob Cullen on August 26, 2011 at 9:58am

hey can u change the font colour its a little difficult to read maybe white?


and the story is great keep going


Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 25, 2011 at 11:24pm

wow this was really good but i think it went to fast in the ending. really good but it was too fast paced

and it should need nothing changed but adding a few things inbetween the death of the mother and the suicide of the father.

this was reall\y good, this is not me hating on your story.

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