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I woke up early and walked to the nusery. Today was there first Christmas. They were almost a month old. I walked in and Rosalie was holding Manai. "Merry Christmas." I said feeling jolly. Rosalie came over and hugged me. She handed me Manai. Manai was so bigg now. She looked like my mother. I smiled. "Merry Christmas Bugs." I said in my baby voice. Manai smiled. I knew this was one of those days i was going to miss my mom. She was going to miss everything with the twins. Rosalie had Mike Jr. who we called Mj. Emmett came in and took Mj from Rosalie. I smiled. Emmett was such a good big brother. I smiled and handed Manai back to Rosalie and went downstairs. I smelled something sweet and i knew Esme was in the kitchen cooking something. I walked into the kitchen and Esme was flipping the pancakes. She looked up at me and smiled. "Merry Christmas Janaila." She said with a big smile. I smiled back and sat down at the table. "Merry Christmas Mama Esme." I said back. I decided that Mama Esme fit her and Papa Carlise fit him. She handed me my plate and it was smelled great. It was my favorite blue berry pancakes with chessy scrambled eggs. I smiled. "Thank you." I said. I ate and then it was time to start gift giving. We all went into the living room. Rosalie had Manai and Mj. They had on this little cute reindeer outfits. I smiled and Alice snapped pictures. I smiled. We all waited for Emmett to come down stairs. Finally he did but he had on a Santa Claus sutie. "Merry Christmas." He belted out. Everyone was cracking up. He sat down and Rosalie handed him Manai and Mj. Alice snapped pictures. I realized Seth wasnt here. I missed him. Just as i thought that he walked through the door. He smiled but he looked tired too. I ran to him and gave him a bigg hugg. "Merry Christmas." I said before pressing my lips to his. "So whats my gift later?" He whispered to me. We heard the boys grunt. I turned around and smiled. We sat down and thats when we really started giving out gifts. Rosalie and Emmett opened Manai's and Mj's gifts. The first gift i opened was from Mama and Papa it was two plane tickets too paris. I started screaming. "Thankyou Thankyou." I said running to them. When i got to them i gave them a bigg hugg. "Your welcome."  They both said. I sat back down and opened a gift from Alice and Jasper. It was an black shirt with some ripped leggings and some too cute blue wedges. "Thank you Ally and Jasper." I said with a smile. They both smiled. "Your welcome." The next gift i got was from Rosalie and Emmett. I opened it and it was another outfit. It was a red vneck with a black mini skirt some red heels and some black bow earrings. I smiled. "Thankyou." I said too them. Emmett looked at me and smiled. "Make sure you wear something stockings or something with that skirt Janaila." He said seriously. I smiled and nodded. The next gift was from Bella and Edward. It was paint and paint supplies. "Thankyou." I said looking at the stuff. It was great. Seth tapped me lightly i turned around and looked at him. We have to go outside for me and Jacobs and Renesmee's gift. Esme went and  grabbed me and the babies jackets. We all went outside and thats when i saw the shed. It was a dark blue with tourquise zig zag lines going through it. I ran to it and went inside. It was beautiful. It had a couch and table with a eisle board with a bed attached. I turned around and jumped into Seth's arms. I pressed my lips to his. "Thankyou.Thankyou." I love it. "Your welcome but you need to thank Nessie,Jake and Edward too." "Thankyou Thankyou." I said to each of them. "Your welcome." They all said back. We went back in the house and i presented them with all their gifts. It was all protraits of them. They all stared at them. "Janaila there beautiful." Esme said. They all ran to me and gave me big huggs. I smiled. After i was done at my house we went to Seth's house. Ms. Sue gave me a bigg hugg. Thats when i saw Chief Swan who i found out was Bella dad and who called Bella and told her about me and my siblings dilema ultimately causing us to live with the Cullens. My loving family. I ran to him and gave him a bigg hugg. "Thankyou." I said. He laughed which made his body vibrate. I pulled away and Miss. Sue gave me her gift. I smiled. "Thankyou." I said. It was a pearl bracelet. I smiled and gave her a bigg hugg. "Thankyou." I said. "Your welcome sweetie." Next was Leah's Gift. Me and her had grown close. I opened it and it was a cute tee. I smiled. I walked over and gave her a hugg. "Thankyou." I said. "Your welcome." she said back. I gave them there gifts next. I showed them their protraits. I made Ms. Sues with her and her late husband Harry. She and Leah both had tears in their eyes. "Oh thankyou Janaila it's beautiful." She said smiling. I smiled knowing it touched her. Charlie smiled and thanked me for his too. Leah hugged me and told me she loved it. The next people we went to go see were The pack at Emily's house. We went in and of course they were eating. "Merry Christmas." I said smiling. They all looked up and in unison said. "Merry Christmas." I smiled. Emily came over and gave me a bigg hugg. I hugged her back. After they all got done eating they said they had a gift for me. They made me close my eyes. "Okay now open them." I opened my eyes and saw the butt load of paint stuff. I smiled. "Guys this will go perfect in my shed." I said jumping up and down thankyou. I gave them my gift which i knew they would really like. I showed them it and for the first time in my knowing them they had nothing too say. "If you dont like it i wont be mad." I said worried. Sam spoke first. "Janaila it's amazing." He said. It was a picture of them in their human forms but they were looking at themselves in their wolf forms on a mountain. "It looks so real." Quil said. I smiled. They all ran over to me and gave me a bigg hugg. "Thankyou Janaila." This was the best Christmas ever!

Janaila's Gifts-

Janaila's Christmas gift from Alice&Jasper

Janaila's Gift from Rosalie&Emmett

Janaila's Christmas gift from Edward&Bella

Janaila's Gift From Ms.Sue

Janaila's Gift From Leah


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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 29, 2011 at 4:47pm

this is perfect keep it coming ang thx for the authors note on chap you left me. well

super job so far but i have no doubt u can keep this up!!!!

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