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"Happy Birthday." I said into the phone. "Thankyou." He said back to me. "What's my gift?" He said to me. "Oh i'm sure you'll be pleased." I said back playing his game. I could just tell he was smiling. "So i'll see you in a bit okay." "Love you." I said smiling. "Love you too." He said. I closed the phone and finished getting dressed. In my mind i was thanking Rose for this oufit. It was perfect. Seth's favorite color and had bows so it kind of tied in with his birthday. I flat ironed my hair. Loving my new look the chinese bang look. I did a smoky eye with some lip gloss. I knew my brothers and Papa Carlise wouldnt like my outfit but i didnt care. I smiled and stepped back and looked at myself. I smiled knowing Seth was going to love this one. I grabbed my bag and jacket and went downstairs. Everyone was at the table. Even though they didnt eat they still sat at the breakfast table while i ate. I walked to Mama Esme and grabbed my food. I had my back to Emmett but i heard his mouth drop.I smiled but wiped it off my face and turned around and looked at him. "Janaila thats what your wearing to school?" He said looking upset. "Yes why is there a problem?" I said acting innocent. Now all my brothers were looking at me. "Janaila i dont think thats apporiate for school." Edward said. I looked at him. "We'll i think its fine. "Janaila please go put on some tights." Papa Carlise said. I looked at him and i could see he was angry. "Why?" I said back. "Because thats not apporiate for school." He said back to me. "But Rosalie and everyone else in this house gets to wear what they want." "Why do i have to change?" I said getting upset. "Because there all older  than you." "You are only 14 Janaila." "Now go upstairs and change." He said in a fatherly tone. I looked at Mama Esme and she nodded agreeing. I walked away from the dinner table and walked upstairs. I grabbed some lacey tights and put them on. I looked at myself. I got out my phone and told Seth to meet me at school. I went back into the kitchen and grabbed my stuff. I walked out the kitchen. "Wait i'll give you a ride." Edward said. "No." I said coldly. "Janaila dont talk to your brother like that." Mama Esme said.  I looked at her and left the kitchen. "Janaila." I heard Emmetts voice but i shut the door and started walking. I got to school super early. I stood outside freezing. Seth showed up like 15 minutes later. I ran to him and jumped into his arms. I pressed my lips to his. "Happy Birthday." I said taking a breathe. He smiled. He put me down and looked at my outfit. Thats when i realized i still had on the tights. I took them off and put them in my bag. I stepped back and Seth's eyes said everything. "You look Great." He said coming back too. I laughed. This is just the school outfit. The first bell rang and school started.

8 hours later

I got home and Esme was waiting by the door. I looked at her and she looked at me. "I'm sorry i didnt mean to act like that this morning." I said feeling bad. She smiled and hugged me. "Were only trying to protect you." She said. "Where is he?" She pointed towards Papa Carlise's study. I took a deep breathe and walked into his room. He looked up and he looked upset. "I'm so sorry." I said. He looked at me. "Sit down Janaila." He said in his fatherly tone. I sat and he looked at me. "Janaila the reason I and your brothers got so upset is because we care about you." He said. "As your father your not always going to like what i have to say." "But i say them because i love you." He said with a simple expression. I walked over too Carlise and gave him a bigg hugg. I felt better. I walked up to my room and set my stuff down. Then i walked to the nursery where i heard the boys. I walked in and they looked at me. "I'm sorry i know yall were just being big brothers and i thank you for that." I said really sorry. "Janaila we love you and thats what big brothers are supposed to do." Emmett said with a smile. He handed Manai to Edward and ran over to me and gave me a bigg bear hugg. "Yes we love Janaila." Jasper and then Edward said. I knew they forgave me. I played with the twins for a while and then realized it was time to start getting dressed for me and Seth's date tonight. I took a long hot shower using a good smelling soap. I did my hair up in a high bun. My makeup was suttle. Gold and Brown tones. With lipgloss. I put on a red dress that Alice brought me and some animal print heels. I put on my pearl necklace from Seth and my pearl earrings from my grandmother. I looked at myself and smiled. I grabbed my basket and blanket and music. I made sure i had everything. I went downstairs in the kitchen. I got the choclate strawberrys out of the fridge and the cherry kisses candy out of the pantry. Then i warmed up the spahgetti that i asked Mama Esme to make. I smiled. I put it all in the basket. I left a note of the fridge telling them where i would be at. I grabbed my coat and walked outside to my shed. I set up everything and started the fire. I put rose petals on the bed. Soon i heard a knock on the door. I ran to it and opened it. Seth stood there looking great. He had on a dress shirt with dress pants and he just looked great. He looked at me like i was the most beautiful person in the world. "Come in i said." In a suddenly self consious tone. He smiled and came in. He sat down and i made his plate. We sat down and ate. "So you planned this whole thing out for me?" He said smiling and looking at me. I nodded. He was sending tingles down my body. "You look beautfiul Janaila." He said looking me in my eyes. I smiled. I always thought i was okay but whenever i was with Seth he made me feel beautiful. I walked over to him and sat on his lap. He smiled. I was nervous but i loved Seth. I pressed my lips to his. "Seth thankyou for letting it be me." I said pulling away. I went and got the strawberrys. I feed them to him. But he didnt really want the strawberry's. He pressed his lips back to mine. I looked at him and he looked back at me. I could see the nervousness in his eyes but also see the readiness. I smiled and nodded. The night was magical.

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Janaila's Seth's Bday Outfit2

Janaila's 1st Bday Seth Outfit

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 29, 2011 at 4:53pm
keep it goin this is so cool and alomost as good as twilight itself!!---not kidding at all!
Comment by Katie Williams on August 27, 2011 at 5:04pm
this is gr8 keep me updated plz :D and i <3 this story

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