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"Would you like to help me plan a Renewal of the Vows for Esme and Carlise?" Alice asked me looking helpful. "Of course." I said with a smile. "Okay so i was thinking maybe the middle of May and the colors would be like an ivory and a purple colors." Alice said showing me. I smiled and agreed with everything she already had planned out. "Its going to be beautiful Alice." I said. She looked at me. "So how is everything with Seth?" She said. I smiled just hearing his name. "Everything is great." I said. She looked at me. "Janaila i know about his birthday night." She said looking at me. I looked at her. "You didnt tell did you?" I asked suddenly scared. "No but promise me you'll just be careful okay." Alice said. "I promise." I said. We looked through some wedding magazines and ordered some stuff. My phone started ringing and it was Seth's ringtone. "Hey beautiful do you want to come over and hang out?" He said hopeful. "Yes Sir i would love that." I said smiling. "Okay ill be there in a minute." He said. I hung up and looked at Alice. She smiled and gave me hugg. "Remember what i said Janaila." She said quietly. I nodded and ran too the house. "Mama Esme imma hang out with Seth." I yelled up the stairs thats when i heard the knock at the door. I opened the door and gave Seth a big kiss. "Okay be home at 10:30pm okay." Mama Esme said too me. "Okay." I said back. I grabbed my coat and me and Seth walked back to his house. We got back and his mom and sister were out. We went into his room. He closed the door and then came and laid down on the bed with me. I snuggled up to him and closed my eyes thinking about our future. Seth broke the silence. "What are you thinking about?" He said i could hear the wonder in his voice. "About our future." I said a little embarrassed. Seth laughed and it shook his body. "You know i was thinking about that last night actually. I looked up at him and i could see all the seriousness on his face. "What did you see?" I said curious now. "We'll i saw you and me getting married." He said. "You would look stunning as usual and then we move into a nice sized house that i built for us and we have babies." He said. I smiled and closed my eyes. "What about you?" He said asking me. "Pretty much the same thing." I said back. "How many kids do you want to have?" He said. "4 two boys and two girls." I said sure of myself. Seth laughed. "We'll the boys have to be older so they can look out for the girls." He said laughing. "Because there going to be beautiful just like their mother." He said. I looked up at him into his eyes. "Thank you." I said in a quiet voice. I sat up and pressed my lips to his. He pulled me into his lap. I pulled away. "When would you want to get married?" I said. "Either in the spring or early fall because it's not too cold or too hot." He said. "Thats the same thing i would have thought too." I said pressing my lips back to his. "Guess what Me and Alice are planning a Renewal for my parents." I said excited. I pressed my lips back to his. "Your invited by the way." I said laughing. He pulled away. "Oh thankyou." He said. He pressed his lips back to mine and the rest of the night was magical.

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Comment by Jennifer Leigh Black on August 29, 2011 at 5:01pm
ohhhh so tasty in the story make a book out of this cause i want to know the hold up there!!! ok well keep it comin!!!
Comment by Katie Williams on August 28, 2011 at 9:44am
this is gr8 keep me posted plz :D

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