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"Janaila wake up." "Come on we have to go to the venue." Alice said jumping up down on m"Jay bed. I sat up laughing. She was such a morning person. "Okay, Okay." "I'm coming." I said. She gave me a look like you better hurry up before she left. I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:00am. I got up and started getting dressed. I put on a pink maxi dress with a light pink sweater. I brushed some gold eye shadow agaisnt my eyes. I combed my chinese bang out and brushed my hair into a high bun. "Janaila come on." Alice yelled through the door. "Coming." I looked at myself one more time and then ran and grabbed my purse. I ran downstairs and Alice was waiting for me. We left and drove to the menu. We had decided on Amour a french resturant. It was perfect for Esme and Carlisle because it felt very modern but with a touch of antique. We rented out the whole building. We walked in and we saw people cleaning and prepping. I was so excited. My parents deserved this. I knew they would both be thrilled. We walked into where the reception area would be at. It was beautiful. The purple and cream looked beautiful together. I looked at Alice and i knew she was pleased. We did a quick walk through and we went home. When i got home Seth was there. I ran to him and gave him a big hugg. I always missed him. Even if it was just for a couple of hours it felt like hours. We went up to my room and i showed him my sketch's. The one sketch confused me was of a little girl. She was beautiful. She was about my color and she had a little of hair. As i drew her i felt an overwhelming connection to her. I watched Seth's expression as he looked at the skecth. "I have no idea who she is?" I said. "But for some reason i felt this strong connection to her." I said. Seth looked at me. "I dont know who she is either." Seth said. He walked over to me and picked me up and laid me down with him on the bed. We laid there in silence but it was pleasant i was just happy being in his arms. Seth finally broke the silence. "So are you happy about summer?" He said. I looked up at him. "Yeah i'll first summer together." I said hearing the excitment in my voice. Seth laughed shaking the bed. "Your voice is getting deeper." I said smiling. Seth smiled back. "I know do you like it ?Because i can talk like this". He said in this high pitch voice. I was laughing so hard i couldnt catch my breathe. "No i love your voice." "I love you." I said. Seth looked at me. "I love you too." He said. "Janaila i love you no matter what ever happens." "Your always be the love of my life." Seth said. I sat up and pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back. But it was cut short because we heard Edward grunt. "Yes?" I said smiling. I knew it brothered him to see me and Seth like this. He rolled his eyes. "Esme cooked breakfast." He said. "Okay were coming." I said smiling. Edward looked at Seth and gave him a hard stare before he left. I started laughing but Seth was already moving. "Is the big bad wolf scared?" I said laughing as i stood up. Seth turned around and before i could move out the way he was pressing my agaisnt the wall. It took my breathe away. "Whose scared now?" Seth said before pressing his lips to mine. But the was cut short when we heard Edward grunt again. We both turned around. "Just playing." I said quietly. Edward just shook his head as he walked away. Seth grabbed my hand and we walked downstairs. I could smell waffles before we reached the kitchen. We both ran to the dining room. Everyone was seated. Mama Esme was just setting the waffles and eggs. Manai and Mj were sitting in there high cheers. Rosalie was making there plates. Seth pulled out my sit for me and i sat down. I looked at Mama Esme. "Thanks." I said as she handed me my plate. After breakfast me and Seth went back to his house. His mom was there and so was Charlie. We went to Seth's room. "Does it brother you that Charlie and your mom are dating?" I said looking at Seth. "No as long as he makes her happy." "She deserves it after my dad dying, She took it really hard." Seth said with a serious but compassionate expression. "You know my dad would have really loved you." Seth said. I could see the sadness in his eyes. "I hope so." "I know you miss him." "But from what you told me he probably is looking down right now smiling at what i great man your becoming Seth." I said taking Seth's face in my hands. "Thankyou." Seth said quietly. I wiped his tears. I pressed my lips softly to his. "Guess what?" I said. Seth looked at me. "I love you." I said smiling. Seth smiled. "I love you too Janaila." He said his voice cracking a little but i could see in his eyes that he felt better. We hung out until i had to get dressed. Seth walked me back home and left me with a lingering kiss. I went upstairs and took a quick shower and got dressed. We all decided to get different dresses but they were all similar. Me and Nessie's dress were like a halter top with a oval shaped cutt out in the middle. I slipped my dress on and started crimping my hair. I walked to Alice's room and she pulled me in and started working on my makeup. When she got done i went to the nursery and saw Rosalie was all dressed and dressing Manai. Emmett was dressed and dressing Mj. I smiled. I knew they were enjoying this. I went back to Alice's room and saw that she was taking out Mama Esme's outfit. She looked at me and smiled. She grabbed the dress. "You do the honors Janaila." She said smiling. "Are you sure?" I said. Alice nodded. I grabbed the dress from her and ran down to Mama Esme's room. I knocked softly and she opened the door and her mouth dropped. "Mama Esme here is your first gift of the night."  I said happyily. She smiled. "What am i getting gifts for?" She said. I could hear the surprise in her voice. "Because your wonderful." I said. "Go get dressed i said Alice will be down here soon to do your hair and makeup." I said smiling. "Okay." She said. She closed the door. I went downstairs and thats when i heard the doorbell ring. I answered and saw my angel. He looked gorgeous. He had on a simple black tux with a purple button down with a creme tie. I smiled and before i knew it i was in his arms. I pressed my lips to his and it felt like a dream. "You look beautiful." He said as he pulled away. I smiled and looked down. "Thankyou." I said shyly. Seth put my face in his hand. "You dont have to be shy around me Janaila." Seth said. I smiled. I pressed my lips to his lightly. "Okay." I said against them. I was about to press them together again but i heard my name. Seth grabbed me and pulled me onto his back. He ran up the stairs to Alice's room. I laughed the whole way. "Thankyou." I said as he sat me down. "No problem my lady." He said. I walked into Alice's room. "Yes?" I said. "Okay i need you to grabb the shoes and jewlery." She said in a rushed tone. "Bring it to Esme's room." She said. I grabbed the shoes and jewelery. "Hey babe can you go down to the nursery to see if the babies are ready?" I said. Seth smiled and nodded. He pressed his lips to mine lightly before going. I went to Esme's room and Alice was already done with one eye. I put on Esme's shoes and her jewlery. Alice finished her makeup and did her hair. Esme looked beautiful. Her makeup was made of gold's and purple's. Alice pulled back her hair on the sides and curled the bottom. Esme looked like an angel. I knew Papa Carlisle would love it. Alice grabbed her phone and made sure they were all ready. We left soon after that the All the windows were tinted in everyone's cars so Mama and Papa didnt know where we were going. When we finally got there Edward and Emmett covered our parents eyes so they couldnt see. When everyone was ready we uncovered them and Mama Esme gasped. I knew if she could be crying right now she would be. She looked at me. "It's beautiful." She said in a quiet voice. "Thank Alice too." I said not wanting to take all the thanks. Papa Carlisle turned to me. "Thankyou so much." He said. I could tell they were both really thankful. I smiled. We all got in formation and me and i took Seth's arm and when Beyonce's 1+1 started playing we started walking. Then It was Nessie and Jakes. Then Edward and Bella. Then Rosalie and Emmett. Then Alice and Jasper. The music changed to another Beyonce song called Kissing you (Still in love). It fit them perfectly. Mama Esme and Papa Carlisle both looked great. Mama Esme looked like an angel and Papa Carlisle looked like a god. He had on a pin striped tux with a white shirt and mutilple colored purple tie. They looked so beautiful together. Like they were made for each other. Mama Esme handed me her flowers. They let the song play out. It was beautiful. When the song went off Mama Esme started her vows.

Esme's Pov-

"Carlisle you loved me when i needed love the most." "You loved me when life didnt seem to have purpose and you gave it too me." "You showed me how to love someone more than myself." "You are my everything." "I love you so much." "I cant even explain." "You have given me so much in life but all i ever need in my life is you." "I love and thankyou for picking me too be the person you share enternity and forever with."

Carlisle's Pov-

"My beautiful Esme i love you with all my life." "I cant even explain." "You have showed me how to be compassionate towards others." "You love me  no matter what." "We have grown together." "Over the years each day you make my world brighter and brighter." "Esme thankyou for accepting me in your life." "You make my world go around." "I love you so much and thankyou for making enternity worth it because i have it to spend with you."

Janaila's Pov-

My parents vows were beautiful. The tears just kept coming. After they were done we danced out to another Beyonce song called "End of time." We walked into the reception room which was beautiful. They served dinner to everyone but only a few people ate. It was good. It was seafood. My favorite. After dinner was served it was time for Papa Carlisle's and Mama's Esme's first dance we picked Esme's favorite song at the time Christina Aguilera's- "Bound to you." I smiled as Carlisle escorted Mama Esme to the dance floor. They looked so beautiful gliding against on the floor. The song played out and then everyone started dancing. I grabbed Seth's hand and we ran out to the dance floor. Katy Perry's "Et" was on. Seth held me close and our bodies melted together. I smiled. The night was so beautiful.The music slowed down. Another Katy Perry's Song came on called "Thinking of you." Seth pulled me close. But i felt someone tap me lightly. I turned around and saw a beautiful guy standing in front of me. He smiled which sent tingles down my back. "Hello i'm Nahuel." He had an accent to his voice. I smiled. "Hi i'm Janaila and this is Seth." I said looking back at Seth. Seth smiled but it looked forced. "I was wondering may i have this dance?" He held out his hand and before i could say an answer i felt myself moving towards him. I looked back at Seth and he just nodded. I smiled and mouthed "I'll be back." I turned back to Nahuel. He looked at me. I put my hands around his neck lightly. He held me softly. "You know you are very beautiful." He said. I smiled and observed him. He was beautiful. A rich dark but not to dark choclate color. With the prettiest yellowish brown eyes. His hair was long and pulled back by a ponytail. "Thankyou." I said. "Do you want to go out on the balcony for a second to get some air?" He said looking down at me. "Yes." I said. He grabbed my hand and we went down to the balcony. It was nice out not to cold and not to warm. Kind of like fall. The stars were out. I looked up at them. "There beautiful arent they?" I said admiring the stars. "Yes, They are but not as beautiful as you." Nahuel said. I looked at him and he looked back at me. I had this feeling of wanting to kiss him. I knew that wasnt right. "I think we should go back inside." I said not wanting to make a mistake. I started to walk away. But Nahuel grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He looked at me before pressing his lips to mine. My heart was beating a mile a minute. But i couldnt stop myself. "Janaila?" Seth said.

Songs that helped me write this chapter-


Kissing you (Still in love)


End of time

Christina Aguilera-

Bound to you

You lost me

Katy Perry-


Thinking of you

Authors Note-

Thankyou too all my readers. I really appericiate. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and please read "Mistakes" the sequel too "Beginnings." Love Yahhh LOttts!

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