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Thrusday, december 29th 2009.
snowing! i hate snow.
but christmas was fun!
i got a psp so did alice and rosalie.
emmett got a laptop and so did jasper and esme.
edward,renesmee and carlisle got ipod totches.
every week we go on a cool trip.
this week it's edwards turn to pick. he wants to go to egept.
we are going at night.
when i got to pick we went to mount everest. we went tabogining, we raced up the mounten, we burryed eached other...
i love my family. school is going great.
but i hate learning thiings we already know!
oh and did i tell you rosalie really has a power? she can change the ahe of people. so right now we are ages 10 and 11.
me,emmett,carlisle.esme,alice,rosalie and renesmee are all in grade 6 and edward and jasper are in grade 5.
we are in a grade 5/6 class. there are only 7 grade 5s so they put them with us.
well thats all! please continue to read my blog!

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