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I mentioned in a previous blog post that I didn't think they made a wise move in casting Kristen Stewart as Bella. I was just wondering what people's views were on this, seeing as I received mixed opinions last time. When I first discovered that Kristen Stewart had been cast as her, I thought that, appearance-wise, they did quite well. The problems rose when I saw her acting as her - I just didn't think she portrayed Bella very well. I noticed she blinked a lot, and seemed like any other girl. In some respects, that's what Bella essentially is, but I think Kristen Stewart maybe forgot that Bella did actually have a personality. So, here's my question - do you guys think that Bella should have been played by Kristen Stewart? Please don't hesitate to prove me wrong, and be as harsh as you like.

(Oh yeah, by the way, I have a slight feeling that I may be just a little bit critical of Kristen Stewart because she gets all the action with Robert Pattinson on set, and I don't. Just worth mentioning.)

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