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Candice-Dice!!-  Well 1st off thats her nickname Dice:)  lol mine is Resee!!! but she is like my sister Dice always has mii back no matter what!!! True Friend that girl is...

Faith-Cheer!!- She is our drama queen in our group and the loudest one but shes a cheerleader for WJH so its good... shes a gossip girl so i gotta be careful on what i tell her!!!

Angie-Mexi- She is a good friend of mine but she likes WAY to many guys mostly the ones i like..but she can be a good friend...

Dylan!!!-ok he is my boo bear he sure is but hes gay but idc i still love him:):):) hes my bestieeee:):):) lol but were lunch buddies!!! lol hes a good friend were both Team Jacob!!!!

Tony!!-BlackStar!!- 1st off no hes not black lol hes not hes white and hes the guy who has mii heart no matter what happens it'll always be him.. but hes like my bestie and my boiii!!!! but im his babygirl:)<3


!Resee:)-Lexi<3!--- I Love Ya'll

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