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======================Big Time Rush Concert======================= 

              ************ May 14, 2011 Universal Studios Orlando, FL**********


I had to write this down because it was too amazing!!! And also because it was my first concert. Ever. So lets start off with a little from the beginning. In the beginning of April, to be specific I think it was the day of the KCA's, I got my regular E-Mail thingy from On The Teen Beat. But this one said that BTR was going to be playing at Universal studios in Orlando, which is like an hour away from me. So I told my mom. Who knew that that was going to get me here. She mentioned it to my dad, who suprisingly got on board right away. she told me she'll do every thing she can to get me there. Well she did. A day before the concert they said there was a 34% chance of rain. ( B.S!!! more like a 100%!!!) anyways I had something that morining but when I got to Universal we went to find out where they were gonna perform. We where walking when bam! There was the stage. The first sight of it almost made me cry! I was sooo happy!! ok lets back up a little. Four days before the concert my mom said that by 5 we will walk by to see if any one was standing in line. Well she was totally wrong. Cause they where already lining up by 9 am! Anyways I went to go see the sneak preview of the new BTR episode Big Time Prom ( haha got to see it before anyone else!! XP) lol but after that I went to go stand in line. I was stood in line for 5 hours!! By myself. And remember when I said B.S. To 34% chance of rain? Yeah will it poured on us. Luckly a very nice lady shared her umbrella and poncho with me. A good thing about standing in line early was that i was able to see Big Time Rush's Sound check!! I stood on the railing . Which I think, most possitive it probaly wasnt, but i think Carlos talked to me. Cause I was in the row waiting to get in when he said he saw some fist pumping in the back. Probaly a bunch of others that were doing it too, but I didnt check cause I was trying not to fall off the railing. I stood in line for 5 hours in the pouring rain!! Once they let everyone in they had music ( No BTR for some reason) But they kept repeating it!  Once the first crew member walked across the stage everyone started screaming. The concert didnt start for another hour!  The stage manger kept playing with us, motioning for us to scream. But once the music went off and everyone started to chant BIG TIME RUSH!! That pop braking sound of glass  and the band started playing and they came out it went wild!!! It was amazing!!!!They started with Famouse then Big Time Rush! They also played Any Kind of Guy, Till I Forget About You, Stuck, Big Night, The City Is Ours, Nothing Even Matters, and Boyfriend. Not in that order. They also talked to us and shot shirts at us from Logans new toy, a sling shot, that he got from Germany. They even wiped their sweat off with one of the tee's and signed it and shot it out. They pulled a very lucky girl up on stage with them ( probaly cause she may have been sick, if she was she deserved it. If not and she won a contest or her daddy works/owns a radio station. Then Scr*w that B****!! Sorry for the languege)) And they sang WorldWide to her!!! A sweet thing they said is that the fans cleared the sky cause the sun started to come out, but really they cleared the sky. Once they came out on stage the rain stopped and didnt return. When they went off stage, We of course yelled for an encore. So they came back out and sang Halfway There!!! Yeah, I screamed, I sang every word to every song. I took lots of pics ((( The one's on top are the actually pictures from the actually concert that I actually took)))  I got caught up in the moment when James was singing and yelled " I LOVE YOU JAMES!!" lol he probaly didnt here it. It was amazing!!! I jumpd up and down and danced too!!! You know how some people sound bad when their live, well BTR sounded soooo good that I though tey we're lip singing!!!! I really enjoyed it!!! Best first concert ever!!!


P.S. During the concert they went back stage for some reason and James came back with a hat on!! He looked good in it!! he also looked very muscular!! hot!!!

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