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I ran. I'de been bitten by a vampyre. Not a kind vampyre neither. he tricked me, he made me think he loved me then tried too kill me. another vampyre saved me. he sucked the venom out of my blood but i could still feel the leftovers of burning inside my body. i was running, i was screaming his name. the name of my wolf. it wasnt long before i could hear the howls of his pack.

this vampyre hunted for sport and had a grudge wit the wolfs for centurys. especially my wolf. he had chosen too drag me from my home and through the forest. he bit me and ripped his teeth through my skin. how i escaped i couldnt remember. the loss of blood i was losing fogged my memory. i think he wanted too let me go. he wanted the wolfs too find me so my wolf especially would come after him.

as i ran my bare feet pounded against the soil and cracked the leaves and twigs amongst the ground. it was late fall and midnight. i screamed for my family of the wolfs. i could hear them getting closer by the second. the cool wind blew my hair in several directions. i panicked. but they found me. i could now see my wolf.

he wasnt the leader of the pack, he was second in charge and drop dead sexy. he was mine. black fur was his coats color. his hair a dark and deep black. his eyes a gentle blue. and his body strong and warm. his personality kind and loving. and protecting lets not forget that important detail. he loved me with a passion i knew.

he found me quickly. your hurt, he growled. but not at me. at the fact that some creature had dared too harm me. he wanted too stay with me and make sure that i was safe. but he had a stronger urge too chase after the vampyre who did this too me and rip him too shreds. i could see it his eyes as he stared into the distance. sniffing for the vampyres scent.

go, Sam the leader of the pack said. my wolf bolted into a fast run and was quickly out of view. the rest of the pack seperated. some went too help my wolf. others helped sam take me back too la push too fix up my bite mark which was deep and gushing blood.

Back at Sam's house, his wife fixed me up quickly. she used some special medicine that our familys had made for years. it was late in the night still and my wolf hadnt returned home yet. i grew worried by the minute. i wanted too wait outside but sam said it wasnt safe. he kept me inside and the house surrounded.

i breathed in and out praying that my wolf would be ok. and he was. by dawn he had returned with nothing but a few scratches and coverd in buckets of sweat. but he was alive and thats all that mattered too me.

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Comment by Stormy Slaughter on July 15, 2010 at 10:06pm
it was something random i thought up wit a friend,
Comment by Avril on July 13, 2010 at 5:23pm
great story did u make it up because that sounds like Breaking Dawn and Eclipse put together:).

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