The Twilight Saga

I stepped slowly through the forest grass, gently stroking over each thin blade.  Perhaps I was too calm, too calm on the day I died.  Even today I still remembre the pain. 

I slowly stalked through the overgrown vegetation of the forest floor.  I looked to the sky, almost looking for answers.  The sky told me nothing besides the fact it would be best to turn around. 

I ignored it.  What was I supposed to expect.

I slowly stepped into a clearing.  It seemed harmless, only trees and grass.

You never expect horrible suprises, until after when I realized the signes were there all the time.  The shrub in the corner shuddered. 

A tall man with blond hair and covered with blood stepped out. 

A clear serial killer. 

My eyes bulged out of my head as he pulled a jagged knife from his pocket. 

The clearing went silent as I imagened the pain that knife will bring me. 

I fell to the ground in shock.  On my hands and knees, I looked into his deep blue eyes.  Hoping he would take pity. 

I have absolutely no idea why I even thought of that, I was just desperate.

His only responce was a sinisterly evil grin.

He pushed me so I fell on my back, an easy target.  The knife flew back on the back swing.  Then quickly flying forwards.  I could almost hear the tear of my flesh.  I treid not to scream, but that was mission impossible.  I screamed so loud it rung through the whole forest, the birds called out in warning as they fled for safety.

My scream felt forever lasting.  I finally ran out of breath, as a habbit I went for more.  He smiled at me as I strugled for air.

"Good bye," he laughed as my head fell to the ground.

I could feel my blood pooling on the forest floor.  Drowning me in death.

My eyes futtered as I struggled to keep them open.

Every thing went black.

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