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Blog number 3!! - Funny storys in my life :P

Dear Twilighters
Today i decide to make a entertaining blog post lol to some it it might be funny and to others it may not :P But any i have alot funny and strange moments in my life that others might like to read :P

In my first blog post i said that i used to live in Vancouver BC. In Vancouver there are alot of huge trees and mountins. Well one my favourite things to do with my friend Luke was climb them all the way to the top and look out over te ocean. But this time was diffrent. Luke and i were climbing up to the top of the tree when suddenly Luke look down at me and start droping leaves and random stuff at me. Then i start thowing stuff up at him. But this little peice that he drop down on me was small enough to get deep into my eye. It heart soo much that my mom had to run me to the hospbital. Once we got there the nurses got whatever it was out of my eye and then said i had to wear and eye patch for the rest of the week. Soo all the next week at school and was walking about with this HUGE eye patch lol it was very funny for luke to watch.

Anyways that is the story on how my best freind sent me to the hospbital.

thanks for reading!

- Maija

feel free to comment!!

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Comment by Maija- Jasper4ever on March 24, 2009 at 8:55pm
yeah! that stuff bugs my eyes for alittle while after
Comment by Rachel on March 24, 2009 at 2:21pm
yeah i had to wear an eyepatch to. luckly we were on break and nobody knew. when i opened my eye under the eyepatch my view wuz fuzzy it was weird. did you have to have eyedrops a couple times a day too?

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