The Twilight Saga

Chapter 2: 

"It's about time you got here we were going to send a werewolf or something to look for you, what took you so long Jake." My sister Kerie was apperantly upset I could see it. "I got side tracked." I said it sounded like I was puzzled but I ignored it. LIAR. my brain snapped instantly.  I ignored that comment and just kept trying to figure out if there was something different with my sister. I smelled the air I couldn't smell honey suckle that was her scent. I didn't now more likely wasn't sure what she had done while I had been gone but I would find out and it would probably make me mad. But this was me actually thinking with MY brain and not whatever that other thing was that was trying to make me evil. "What's different about you sis. I know its something I just can't put my finger on it." I asked patiently. "Oh, I don't know maybe you just feed.-" Alex walked in. OH BROTHER WHAT'S THIS FOOL DOING HERE, MY BRAIN ASKED.   I ignored the question. I smelled the air it was honeysuckelish sweet. it was coming from Alex. "Ker, did you mate again?  WHAT A STUPID QUESTION OF COURSE SHE DID WHY IS THE SCENT ALL OVER ALEX!!! "yes." she said shepishly. "I'm sorry I couldn't wait besides max isn't going to be back till fall, I had to do something while you were gone." she argued. I rolled my eyes max was my best friend and apperantly I was the only one who realized right then and there something that hadn't been. I turned around. "Where am I?" the girl that i had brought home asked....


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