The Twilight Saga

When I was finally in the house and I took a deep breath in I realized then that he smelled so good. When I walked into the house I hadn't realized I had been holding my breath. I realize now that it was because the house inside was even more beautiful than the outside structure of it. I breathed it in, again and again, not getting enough...I wanted to move closer

How so?” Julius said with one eye brow lifted. He said leaning in towards me, I breathed in his breath and wanted nothing more than to rip out his throat. Oh my.. What is happening to me? I was instantly on my guard…I must stay me, I must stay Nessie, I would never hurt a human. I loved them, I would never hurt my Grandpa Charlie!

“ Well, for one she doesn‘t go for shallow people, and two her name is Renesme Cullen”. Jacob said it with such clarity that it rang clear through the house. Everyone stopped to stare and next thing I know people were coming up to me introducing them selves. It was then that the sent of Julius was lost amongst the others, I was grateful from the hold his scent had on me.

After the whole thing with the Volturi when I was a baby. My father and Grandpa Carlisle started dabbling heavily in the stock market. Among other things my Mom became known as one of the biggest contributors to Forks High School, and the reservation schools brand new computer libraries and gyms.

“A Cullen? Wow, finally some one richer than me in this state…” Julius said as he smiled a half smile. “If you will excuse me, I must tend to my sister.” He said this, and winked. Then he walked away and I took this as my opportunity to talk to Jacob.

I was shocked that Jacob had put out there my name like that. When people stopped saying hello, I finally approached Jacob on it.

“Jacob…JACOB!” I shook his arm, trying to get his attention.

“Jacob Black why did you do that?” As I said this I looked him straight in the eye, stood on my tip toes, and shook his arm a little bit too hard this time. I might of did it harder than I realized though because he replied..

“Owe! Will you stop it. I did it because now no one will dare try anything on you”.
I looked at him confused, “what? I want to go! Now!” I replied frustrated at Jacob and worried that Julius’ scent would be back.

He pulled me to the farthest point of the room, where no one could here. “This is your chance to reinvent yourself, in a human way, the people here respect the Cullen’s not because of their name but because they are rich and powerful. I am not one for money, but this is your way in”! He said with big eyes, that were gauging my reaction as well.

“Ok, what am I suppose to do now Jacob Black. Mr. Smarty. Know it all?”
I said with a mocking tone. I swear sometimes if it wasn’t for the fact I thought he was my best friend, I would seriously kick his butt right now.

“Own it”, was all he said. He then spun me around and marched me to where the bar was. Which was outside. There had to be a little over 100 people at this party.

All I could think of now that I felt the heat of the bodies near me, was the sweet taste of biting into flesh, and the first drop of warm --

Stop! I told my mind. I have to stay in control! I grabbed Jake’s arm, steadying myself.

How am I going to get through this night with out killing anyone?

“You okay? You want something to drink?” Jacob asked me. I released him then.
“You have no idea”, I smiled darkly.
“Do you want some punch?” He said standing in front of me, looking around.
“I’ll be right back,” he said walking in the opposite direction.

I stood their for a second looking over the crowd that was here. When I came across them, the three strange looking girls.

I was admiring three girls at the bar sitting at the stools when I noticed when they were watching Jacob approach the bar to get my drink. It was weird what I saw next. All three girls were breathtakingly beautiful and when they saw Jacob they all but fell over themselves to get to him. There were what seemed like identical twins, and the third girl was the leader you could tell. You could see her looking at the other two twins with a look of authority. She then turned to face Jacob, and began speaking to him.

I tried not to listen because we were not together.

Venom gathered in my throat and I realized I was irritated that, those girls were practically drooling over my best friend, my shield.
He didn’t want me like that. I thought to myself, quickly ending those thoughts that would hurt my heart.

I knew he could talk to any girl, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t jealous. Fire burned in my throat, along with the venom.

I smelled a warm smell of pulsing blood that made me want to groan in agony, because the flames licked at my throat some more. I turned searching for the source of the smell that had derailed me.

I turned only to run into Julius Price, the guy who had opened the door. His scent over powered everything, and I stood perfectly still. I don’t know why it was so hard to control my self. All I could think of was speaking the words that would make him follow me out to the woods. I would use a sultry voice, and bring him into darkness, tricking him. I would go into kiss him, but strike like a cobra, and bite into the vain that would eventually drain the life out of him.

“Enjoying yourself?” He asked politely.
“Now I am”, I said with a flirtatious smile. “This is some party”. I could do it right now, and everyone would think he wandered off.

NO! I told myself. No. I would treat him like Grandpa Charlie. I focused on grandpa’s scent. He had a woodsy smell, and a nice rain scent that came with living in the rainiest place in the Continental U.S.

“Your to kind, this party is nothing…You should have been here for the New Years Eve Party” He smiled as he drank from his red cup. It smelled of alcohol, but I barely noticed. Even with it in his system it was overwhelming, and mouth watering.

He nodded toward the bar. “Jacob seems to be fitting in just perfectly at the bar”, he said looking over my shoulder to look at him. One eyebrow raised.

“Really, I hadn‘t noticed”, I was trying to sound passive about it. I didn’t even look in his direction. I was too distracted by the vain in his neck that was pulsing. Concentrate on his words, not his pulse!

“You two aren‘t together?” I looked at him. Did it look like we were?
“Oh no, Jacob and I have been friends a long time that’s it”, I said smiling at him. I could never take a human life, my parents would be so disappointed in me. I shook my head and tried to focus on what Julius was saying.

Two could play this game Jacob Black, as I thought to myself. Julius smiled a dazzling smile.. Now as long as I don’t kill you…I was thinking to myself.

“If you like I can introduce you”. I wavered, and looked at the girls. They looked so happy, and so genuinely enjoying their evening. I wondered what they were laughing about. I also figured that anything that distracted me from Julius’ hot, warm, luscious--

“Sure, after you”, I didn’t look at him this time. I just let him guide me through the crowd.
The heat from his body pulling me closer and closer.

Just to walk in on the conversation where Jacob said, “It’s okay I have a girlfriend”.
Instantly I smiled, and blushed. Maybe I have been wrong.

“Sister this is Renesme Cullen”, He said looking at the leader of the three girls. I was shocked they looked so much a like. Like twins… I was right the scent was covered by Jacobs wolf smell… I just realized then that Jacob did kind of stink…weird I thought I never noticed that before…He kinda smelled like a wet dog.

“Hi there, my name is Gem Price. ”

Chapter 6:

Nessie looked amazing tonight, I was so focused on her that when I went to the bar I was taken off guard when those girls touched my arm every muscle in my body tensed to change into a wolf to defend myself.

Jesus I thought to my self, I need to get out more. The three girls were pretty, they introduced them selves as Gem, Kiki, and Kim. Gem was the most pretty though, she had light brown hair, shorter than Nessie’s with hazel eyes. She came off kinda creepy though.

Kiki had brown hair with brown eyes, she looked the nicest out of the other two girls. And Kim was just scary looking, she was Kiki’s twin except she had short hair and wore a cross around her neck, she looked like she practiced witch craft.

“So would you like to hang out with us for the after party?” Gem said with a smile on her face.
“Sorry, I can‘t. I have a girlfriend”. Nessie had just approached then and I wasn’t sure if she heard that last part. I bit my lip and looked down. I felt stupid for no reason.

I looked at her feebly. She was smiling so maybe that’s a good sign. Unfortunately this Julius kid took it as an invitation to keep talking to her.

“Sister, this is Renesme Cullen”. He extended his hand to show which of the three was his sister.

“Hi, my name is Gem Price.” she was very beautiful and wore a pair of silk pants, and shirt. She reached out her hand to mine, and had a very soft handshake. She seemed fragile, she was skinny in the extreme. But her eyes reigned like she was their “Alpha”.

“Gem, I am sure you will see to it that on Monday, Nessie here and Jacob eat with us at lunch. I want to make sure I spend a lot of time getting to know the knew addition to our school.

For some reason that really didn’t sit well with me the way he said “New addition”, I suppressed a growl in my chest.

Like he was trying to continuously flirt with her, I vowed then that my move will have to be made soon. I realized I needed to talk to Bella and Edward immediately.

I hope Nessie was enjoying herself, she had a confused look on her face. I noticed people were dancing and after about thirty minutes of chit chat with those girls and Julius. UGH! I really was glad to see them leave.

“Oh here‘s your drink.” I handed it to her, she took a sip and made a face.
“What on earth is this crap?” She whispered it to me. I suppressed a chuckle.
“Its vodka and red bull. Just sip it slow, all I need is your mother finding out about this and were both dead.”

I know, I know I told myself. Giving Nessie alcohol wasn’t the best idea. But I wanted her to have a life, I wanted her to see what it meant to be a teenage rebel. To live for that matter, I was drinking to and I don’t think that was a good idea. Cause next thing I know I am asking Nessie to dance. With a body temperature like mine I thought it would burn off right away, I am a total light weight.

“Wanna dance?” I asked her, extending my hand.
“Jake I thought you didn‘t dance. Are you sure? We don’t--”.
“Follow me.” I put one finger up telling her to quite.
I grabbed her hand with one hand and put my other hand around her waist, it was nice.
Thinking back the last time I danced was with Nessie when she was a little girl, on her supposed birthday about seven years ago.

We danced off beat to a song that was too fast, and she smiled and laughed regardless. Eventually a slow song began and she rested her head on my chest. I chuckled because of how short she was…just like her mother. I loved Nessie, but I knew it was too soon for her to love me the way I loved her. I knew she wasn’t ready for the love I was going to give her. So I held her, wishing for that day to come. She smelled of raspberry shampoo, and was so frail in my arms. Just like her mom used to be, I thought to myself. We danced in circles, to no beat or rhythm, it was nice.

“Jake…” I looked down to find her looking up at me with the strangest expression.
“Who did you say was your girlfriend?” My breath caught in my throat.
“Why, are you worried about nonsense like that? I only said that to get those girls away from me”.
“Oh…”Something told me I let her down some how.
“Is everything ok?” I looked down at her again but she was looking down now. So I pulled her in closer and held her, we had stopped dancing.
“I am not sure…Jacob if I ask you something would you tell me the truth?” She said with an innocent expression on her face. “Promise not to laugh?”
“Sure, sure”, I gulped.
“Do I stink to you?” I had to laugh.
“No more than any other half vampire why?”
“Is that a yes or a no?” She insisted.
“You smell fine”.
“Oh really? Then what do I smell like to you then?”
“Are we seriously getting into a conversation of what you smell like?” I snorted.
“Fine then”, she was trying to release from me and walk away. But I pulled her back.
“Do you really want to know what you smell like?” I huffed and began…
“Sometimes you smell too sickly sweet, like the way your family smells to me, bleh. Other times depending where you spent the day you smell differently. On days when we are hanging out and playing in the rain, you smell like the mist of the first rains of every new season. Other times when we are wrestling and your hair is covered in leaves, you carry the smell of the earth, that smells of the forests of the fresh leaves. Does that make sense to you? ”

She just stared at me. Oh boy. Alcohol + Jacob= a no no.

“You know I love you right Nessie?” She looked up and nodded, and touched her hand to my face.

They were images of her and I from when she was born all the way till now, I could feel some of what she felt for me, love, appreciation, I was her shield, her protector. She liked knowing that I was here when she needed me, that sometimes I smelled to her of the night breeze blowing against my skin, and the aroma of warm oak spilling on to her… and…she loved me too.

“Nessie…” I whispered her name, over powered by the memories that were crystal clear to her, I moved my hand from hers and touched her face. I could feel the coolness of her skin to mine, and holding her like this made me want to touch her lips with my own. I breathed and retracrted, she smelled too sweet. Like Edward…like Bella. Pain sparked down my spine telling me not yet. I pulled away from the embrace and released her face from my hand.

“We should go, and feed you”. I couldn’t be here anymore. .


We said our goodbyes and left our cups in the forest somewhere filled with water for animals to drink from. We walked in the cool night air.

“Are you hungry, do you wanna hunt?” I asked her patiently, I didn’t speak loud because it was a quiet night.

“No I am fine. Just tired.” She looked at me with a small smile on her lips. “Thanks Jake.”
“Sure Sure.” Was all I said.

“I guess its time to take you home then”, I said as I patted her arm.
“Yeah I don‘t want to make my mom suspicious…Which reminds me…what exactly do I tell her we did tonight?” She said raising one eyebrow.
“Well, it doesn‘t help knowing you have a human lie detector as your father”. I made a sour face.
“Oh shut up Jake!” She punched me in the arm. Ouch she always hits it in the same spot. That’s the only way it will hurt. I am sure the bone is bruised, from years of abuse.

“Did you know that physical abuse can have psychological affects on a guy?” I told her.
“Good thing your not all human, so you’re the exception to the rule.” She smiled my favorite smile.

“I guess you should tell the truth, your father will find out regardless you tell him or not. I am sure Alice has informed him already”. She grimaced.

After that I took her home and waited in the night for Edward to come home so I could talk to both Bella and him at the same time. I hated being away from her, it was weird though the way her scent made me back away like that. It was something that has never happened before. It was so strong, so potent. Regardless, I have a plan of how I am going to tell her she is my mystery woman. But I am afraid of what happened with Bella could happen again between Nessie and I. As I walked the moon lit path pacing back in forth, I knew that everything would work out, or so I hoped. My mystery woman is real, and she is the most beautiful in the entire world, even if she stinks. I looked up at the sky, a blue moon was coming…I would wait for the next one, and then I would do it. I vowed to myself.

This month...

Chapter 7: BELLA

It’s a few minutes before curfew and Nessie just walked through the door.
“Honey? How was your night with Jacob? I asked, hoping maybe she would give me the details of how things were going in that general direction…
“It was fun…” She said stopping in front of me, looking down.
“Is everything ok?” I noticed then that she looked distracted, and sad.
“I guess, I just wish some things were different”, she said putting her hands in her pockets of her jeans.
“Different how?”
“ I don’t want to talk about it mom…When will dad be home?” She said, changing the subject.
“In a few minutes actually he is on his way back now”.
“Do you mind telling him to come to my room when he gets a chance?”
“Of course honey, I’ll let him know you wanna talk to him when he gets home”.
“Thanks mom.” She said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“Of course honey, I love you”. I smiled weakly.
“Love you too”, She whispered.

She left me then in the living room; she closed the door to her room, and then it was silent.

As I sat here, waiting for the reason of my existence to come home. I thought about how I came upon this life, I remember thinking that forks was going to be the death of me. I guess in reality I did die in forks, so that I could live forever. I never thought I would spend this much time here though, I never realized that Forks would be my true home. Being back here everything felt good, secure, and right.

Even though my memories are muddled through human eyes during that time, I can still remember how I came to fall in love with Edward. The magnetic pull of his eyes, his glorious body, hard as stone, but smooth, and his scent alluring, intoxicating, and his smile... I can also remember Jacob, warm, soft, my own personal sun, confessing his love to me, and trying to kiss me, and then me punching him so hard I broke my knuckle.

I laughed at myself then, my human self was crazy to think she could hurt a werewolf. I remember thinking about when Jacob first told me about imprinting, and how unbelievably strong that connection was. I remember the story he told me about Quil imprinting on a two year old, Claire…

“It’s not like that; you’ve got it all wrong,” Jacob defended his friend, suddenly vehement. “I’ve seen what it’s like, through his eyes. There’s nothing romantic about it at all, not for Quil, not now.” He took a deep breath, frustrated. “It’s so hard to describe. It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like . . .gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her. . . . You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother.

“Quil will be the best, kindest big brother any kid ever had. There isn’t a toddler on the planet that will be more carefully looked after than that little girl will be. And then, when she’s older and needs a friend, he’ll be more understanding, trustworthy, and reliable than anyone else she knows. And then, when she’s grown up, they’ll be as happy as Emily and Sam.” A strange, bitter edge sharpened his tone at the very end, when he spoke of Sam.

“Doesn’t Claire get a choice here?”

“Of course. But why wouldn’t she choose him, in the end? He’ll be her perfect match. Like he was designed for her alone.”

In the end Jacob was right, Quil married Claire earlier this year, she just turned nineteen.
But Claire would never stop aging, and she would have his children and grow old eventually, and pass through this earth. I was glad in that moment that Jacob would have Nessie, forever. They would never have to feel loss for each other.

We all know it is coming for their time, I sort of stopped fighting it. She is my little girl, but Jacob deserves to finally be happy, and to have love in his life. If some one would of told me during the time when Edward left me long ago, that Jacob would turn out to be my son in law, I would of laughed and turned away. I never thought about having kids, ever… until it hit me like a brick wall when I was miraculously pregnant. That girl in the other room, I will always love, I died giving her life, luckily to be saved by my husband. I would trade my life to protect them with out hesitation.

I know soon I will have to tell her, but part of me wants to see what will happen between them before I tell her. I want her to find her way to Jacob, with out knowing of imprinting...will she still chose him? I know I shouldn't bet on Alice, but futures always change.

I was lost in thought and that's when I felt him coming. I knew Edward was close so I went and stood on the porch soaking in the night air and listening to the animals scurrying around. Then like a ray of light Edward was there walking in the night to my side.

"Welcome home", I smiled and opened my arms for his embrace.
"I love hearing you say that", he smiled. He hugged me.

Then he came behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist..
"This month another blue moon is coming", he said, whispering it in my ear.
"I know, will you stay outside and watch it with me?" I asked him.
"Is this a date?” He said with a hint of sarcasm on him.

"I hope you didn't forget what the blue moon is for us?" I said skeptically.
He chuckled, of course I know what it is for us.

"It just so happens that the Blue Moon falls on our honey moon”, He smiled his great smile.
"That's right and you better not forget it or else", I said smiling.

"Or you will what?" He said with a big grin.
"I'll have to do this", I grabbed him then and turned and took off at vampire speed and pushed him against a huge oak tree a little ways out from the house. The tree shook, and made noises from the pressure of two marble figures, pushing against it. He looked at me, surprise in his eyes, excited.

"I will definitely have to forget then" he said smiling even bigger now.
That's when I crushed my lips to his. We stayed like this for a minute then I remembered...Nessie.
I pulled away, and said, "Oh! Nessie is up in her room, she wanted to speak to you".
Edward looked at me, then kissed the top of my head. “I love you", and then he was gone.

Chapter 8: EDWARD

It was in that last few seconds when Bella told me that Renesme wanted to talk to me that I heard her thoughts. Something was wrong, and I was confused. She was looking at an image in her head, of a bracelet...One side a wolf and the other a diamond heart. An object that Bella stopped wearing after she turned into a vampire. She wanted to preserve it, so we sealed it in an air tight container.

"I love you", I kissed Bella's head and took off into the house.
I came to a halt outside of Nessie's door, and went to knock.

"Come in dad", I smiled my little vampire, I thought.
"Hey", I said as I stepped in to her room. I looked around staring at the green that covered her room, I smiled. As I looked closer at Nessie, she looked different, paler, some how almost sick.
She was laying on her bed, still dressed, and had an anxious expression on her face.

"Come sit", I looked at her mind, even reading her thoughts wasn't giving me any clues...She was thinking about an outfit she was going to wear tomorrow. She was trying to keep my out of her head, and it was working.

"Is everything ok?" I asked her anxiously

"Dad, don't get mad but Jacob took me to a party tonight so that I could meet some people" That's when the flood gate opened in my mind. I looked at her, a party? Jacob Black took her to a high school party? A small growl came through in the back of my throat.

"Dad, don't give me that look, I know it was a bad idea. But everything was fine and I didn't bite anyone but..." She looked apologetic. "There was a close call"... It was then that she went and filled all the details about how this boy who owned this house had smelled to her. It was the first time her self control almost wavered.

Then she pressed her hand to my face, and let me see further. Jacob picking her up, running through the forest. How he held her hand, and then the boy that smelled appealing. Felt her explain more in depth of the alluring smell, with the fire that drew her closer and closer. She distracted herself, and was able to think of something else.

I looked at her, amazement in my eyes. The way that boy smelled to her...wasn't the same as Bella had once smelled to me, but it was close. He was tainted, so she was able to break away.

"I think its time I told you a story…you remember how your mother told you about how when she and I met she was human?” I looked at her and from her expression I continued on.

“When your mother first moved to Forks, I also had the same problem your having now…”I looked at her to see her expression to be surprised. “ I couldn’t read her thoughts even when she was breakable, and regardless she was unbelievably strong willed”. I continued.

“ I first came across her scent when we had to be lab partners when I was pretending to be a Junior then. I almost killed her right on the spot, it was the most torturous day of my life. After that I tried to change my schedule to avoid her, but she ended up being in that same small room with me. It was maddening.” I looked down still appalled at myself for that.

“I took off, and went to Alaska for a whole week, but I couldn’t stand to be away from my family any more, so I came back…I hunted more, I was trying to leave a good impression with her so I tried talking to her…“I smiled.

“ But then…” I trailed off, and turned to see Bella standing next to me. She placed her hand on my shoulder to urge me to continue.

“And then what dad?” Nessie’s eyes were huge, eager to hear the rest.

“He saved me”, Bella answered.

I turned to look back at her confused expression.
“One day when Bella was standing in the parking lot, one of the other students lost control of his car on the ice, and it was going to hit your mom straight on…It would of crushed her. I stopped the van, and risked exposing us to the human world because I couldn‘t let her die. It was hard then because she wanted answers that I wasn’t ready to forgive. She didn’t fear me, she would get right up in my face, and every time she did it, the scent would hit me as hard as the first day.”

“So wait I thought you were the one who turned mom into a vampire, not saved her?” She replied, I looked to Bella then.

“That story is coming. For right now though its bed time”.

“Aww mom! Please?!” she begged.
“Another night I promise”, she smiled, and took my hand. We kissed out daughter and then turned out the light.

I wanted to tell her more, but for some reason, I felt that this was Bella's story. I would wait for her. I kissed the top of her head, and then that's when I heard Jacobs thoughts. He needed to talk to Bella and I now.... I ignored him for a minute though because something was ringing in my head.

I listened for a short second and realized that there was something Nessie didn't tell me about the party, she was looking at Bella in her mind, being carried with the bracelet she never wore-- I stopped dead in my tracks-- Bella being carried by no other than Jacob Black...when Victoria and the army of New Borns were coming after her. Jacob....


I came out of the house, like a bullet on fire. Stopping only mere inches from Jacobs over heated body.
"Can some one please explain why my daughter is looking at images of you carrying her mother through the forest?" I spit through my teeth, upset, and anger flared. Releasing the Venom in my throat.

“What!?” Bella said coming in behind me.

Jacob just looked at me, mouth hanging open and then closed it. "I didn't-", was all he said before I cut him off.

"Then who the hell else?" I said flashing my white teeth in his face.
It was Bella who then touched my arm, and said "Alice?" I turned to see Alice. Eyes big, scared, and full of information.

"Speak", was all I said.

"Edward, its time."

Bella looked at me then..."Excuse me?"

Alice and I looked at Jacob. "There's something I need to tell you Bella, and your probably going to be mad at me but its going to have to wait." I looked at her then, and her eyes just got bigger and bigger.

"Nessie", she choked out.
"She's fine. For now", Alice cut in.

Alice then showed me her vision...
The reason Nessie is running through the forest...She bites some one...except she doesn't kill him and he runs and alerts the people of forks. The red sparks I saw chasing her weren't anything I expected, humans were chasing after her with torches, they are going to kill her. But she can outrun them, until Jane appears. She brings Nessie down to the ground and then they burn her.

I shook my head then to clear the images from my vision.

“Carlisle?” It was all I could get out before I realized what needed to happen.

I turned to Jacob then...

"Jacob you can't wait for the Blue Moon", I said. But he still looked confused, and dazed.

"How did she know that's what I was thinking?" Jacob looked at me, and realization hit me, he was talking about the images Nessie was thinking about....

"I was thinking of that time, because we were going through the clearing earlier," He looked down at his hands. "I was holding her hand when I was thinking about it". He put his hands down and his eyes were wide. "Then she pulled away from me, and stopped, she played it off that she was nervous about the party...I never would of ever thought that she could see..."

Then we both looked at Bella, "Something happened", Bella said looking at us both. "Something similar...When we were on the plane coming back from New York", she looked down. She opened her mind to me, "Edward I was thinking about the meadow...the first time you took me there...."

"We need to tell her--" Bella began to say, but then Alice told her no.
"Let Jacob do what he came to talk to us about", she said nodding towards Jacob.

"Wait, wait, WAIT!!! Can some one please explain what is going on to those who can't read minds or see the future?" Jacob was starting to tremble. I placed my hands on his shoulders.

"You have to calm down first", I said in a stern voice. "We don't need Renesme to hear this", I said in a soothing voice. Eventually the tremors stopped, and he nodded his head, and gritted his teeth in Agreement. “Where‘s everyone Alice?”

“I already called Carlisle we will meet them in twenty minutes…in the clearing” she only spoke aloud for Bella and Jacob.

I turned then to take Bella's hand. "She's going to bite someone, and it isn't going to end well for her. She's going to expose us to the humans." No need for them to hear the more gruesome aspects of it. "They will find out because she will lure some one named Julius to a forest, but she is not venomous...She will be distracted and he will escape to a car that is passing through on a back road. Then..." I cut off, Jacob and Bella both said it at the same time, "The Volturi".

"Yes",I reply.
"The Volturi will come".

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